NUALS and CAN Foundation Webinar | Social Engineering & Distributive Justice: High Courts under Our Constitution

By | September 17, 2020
NUALS and CAN Foundation Webinar

NUALS and CAN Foundation bring a webinar session on “Social Engineering & Distributive Justice: High Courts under Our Constitution”.

About the Seminar | NUALS and CAN Foundation Webinar

National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS), Kochi, in collaboration with CAN Foundation is set to organize an enlightening Online Session by Hon’ble Justice Mr. Sanjay Karol, Chief Justice, Patna High Court along with Mr. Justice Anand Pathak, Judge, High Court of Madhya Pradesh and Mr. Vikas Singh, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India.

The Session shall be thoroughly discussing the following

  1. Meaning, Theories and postulates of social engineering and its interpretation by numerous scholars & jurists of the world.
  2. Understanding the need for the Principle of Social Engineering among all the Courts.
  3. Landmark Judgments that have relied on the principle of Social Engineering in India.
  4. Meaning & Scope of Distributive Justice in the Indian context and case study.
  5. Interpretation of Distributive Justice by John Rawls.


Students, scholars, teachers and any other professionals interested can join the online seminar.

Date of the Seminar

The online seminar is on 18th September 2020 at 5:00 pm. (IST).

The Online Session is indeed going to be a great learning experience for all the attendees from across the country. For attending the session, you can register by visiting the official website of CAN Foundation –


Achyut Tewari: +91-86046 33567

Anand Singh: +91-91652 11347

Mohit Kandpal: +91-79993 07283

About the college

The National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS) was established by Act 27 of 2005 of the Kerala State Legislature. By the same Act, the National Institute for Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS) established by the Bar Council of Kerala Trust in 2002 merged with the NUALS.

About the Foundation

CAN Foundation endeavour to create awareness in the society along with providing assistance to the financially handicapped students of the country by furnishing scholarly stipends to them.

Reported By: Mohit Kandpal of CAN foundation

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  2. Hierarchy Of Civil Courts In India

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