Policies and Maintenance of Old Age Homes. Reality Bite by Garima Chaudhary

By | April 30, 2018
Old Age Homes

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These old age homes were originally established to take care of those who are childless and will need proper care and affection in their old age rather leave their parents there believing them to be a burden on the family or as a nuisance.


Old age is that phase of a human life where a man needs the love and support of his or her family. It is considered as that stage of a human life where the circle of comes back to the infancy. Therefore a man in his old age requires a lot of care and love from their families, however, there are people who don’t get this love as they don’t have children, therefore, in order to take care of them, the old age homes came into existence.

Old age homes literally mean a residence where old people live and are cared for life when old age prevents them from looking themselves in their own homes. However with the emerging modern busy lifestyle, conflicting opinions and generation gap, people have made it a fashion to send their parents to such old age homes. The purpose with which it was initiated has taken an ugly face where the focus of such homes have shifted from surveying the childless old and infirm people to removing the burden of serving and taking care of their own parents.

Aim of the old age homes

The intention of initiating the old age homes was very much humble and noble in nature but with the advent of time, it showed its ugly face. The following are the reasons for the establishment of old age homes.

Financial Costs

The steep cost of in-home care is one reason to opt for a nursing home facility. Financial provisions such as Medicaid and long-term health insurance aren’t always enough to cover the medical expenses, especially if your parent’s condition worsens. In addition to professional caregivers, it is essential for the family to consider factors like home upgrades, mortgages, and taxes when calculating the long-term costs of supporting an elderly relative report “The New York Times.” Finding a quality nursing home or assisted-living facility may be more affordable in the long run.

Personal Obligations

For many individuals, the obligations of work and managing a household significantly limit the amount of time that can be spent caring for an elderly parent. The role of full-time caregiver often causes stress; places a strain on family relationships, interrupts your involvement in other activities and alters sleep patterns. The situation is even more draining when you have a tense relationship with your parent or when the person’s condition includes challenging symptoms, such as mood swings. Instead of sacrificing your emotional health, consider finding a nursing home where you can remain actively involved in making decisions about your parent’s future.

Legal Bites AdvisoryPersonal Limitations

Caring for another person requires a great deal of time and energy. It can be physically damaging to take on that responsibility if you are simultaneously coping with your own medical complications. A personal injury or illness is often accompanied by ongoing medical expenses or limited income. Handling health care costs for yourself and a parent can quickly become overwhelming and lead to financial strain.

A constant cause of tension regarding senior citizens is health related issues and medical emergencies. Since retirement homes are exclusively for senior citizens, medical help is always available and are better equipped to handle emergencies.

A constant companionship

The modern dilemma during these times is that even though there is no monetary scarcity, yet due to work pressure and commitments children are often not able to give their parents as much time as they would want to. The senior citizens’ health often ends up being neglected. Isolation is also a huge issue which can lead to mental depression. At a retirement home, the community thrives on companionship and care, hence minimizing any feeling of neglect and isolation.

Having said this, we must also remember that there is also a downside to retirement homes. Firstly, a huge amount of money gets locked in as a deposit or a down payment which cannot be retrieved if for some reason the inhabitant decides to quit the home. Secondly, retirement homes lack a mixed age community, which some people may prefer to having only senior citizens as community members.

Harsh reality of the old age homes

There are old age homes where the old and infirm people are being taken good care and are also allotted with all the necessary facilities, however, it should be noted that such facilities cannot give them the care and affection which they need from their families. Moreover, there are old age homes where these people are not being taken care of and are also exploited. Since there are many NGO’s who are working towards this cause but due to lack of funds and grants they are unable to provide these old people with even the basic hygiene and medical facilities which leads to the vulnerability of the old people.

Emphasizing  Government aided old age home at Mana Basti where I witnessed the pathetic conditions of the old people and it was also very disheartening to know that all the people were having minimum of three children yet none of their children wanted to keep their parents not only that their children even didn’t contact them ever since they left them there. Though it was a government aided old age home yet there was neither any hygiene nor proper medical facilities. The women were vulnerable as most of them have lost their mental stability and their physical strength yet they are compelled to do all their work by themselves. By seeing the men at the old age home it was evident that they were also not very happy and comfortable with their conditions but they have somehow adjusted themselves according to the situation, medically stating the men were comparatively healthier than the women.

As per the Manager of the old age home, they haven’t received any aid from the government from the past few years and that they are bearing all their expenses through donations and funds from individuals as well as from other institutions. She even communicated with us there are some of the people who voluntarily left their homes and settled here just because they want to see their families happy also there were some who were left by their children by fooling them and the most shocking case was of a woman who met with an accident 13 years ago there after a doctor left her there because he failed to get in contact with her family since then she is there.

Legal Bites Advisory Love your Parents 1Bottom Line

Whatever the case may be but what was common with the elderly people that they all miss their families, many are still in the hope to see their children and to play with their grandchildren who left them there with any justified cause and many even not stating them the reasons for the same. These old age homes were originally established to take care of those who are childless and will need proper care and affection in their old age rather leave their parents there believing them to be a burden on the family or as a nuisance.

Contributed By – Garima Chaudhary [ITM University]

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