One-Day Online Workshop on ‘Promoting IPR Culture in Universities and other Higher Education Institutions’ | Osmania University

By | October 21, 2021
Promoting IPR Culture in Universities

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The DPIIT-IPR Chair at Osmania University is organizing a One-Day Online Workshop on ‘Promoting IPR Culture in Universities and other Higher Education Institutions’.

About DPIIT-IPR Chair at Osmania University

The IPR Chair was established at Osmania University in the year 2021 under the Scheme for Pedagogy & Research in IPRs for Holistic Education & Academia (SPRIHA) scheme. The primary objective of the IPR Chair is to achieve the objective of the National IPR Policy, which is to strengthen IP Chairs in educational institutes of higher learning to provide quality teaching and research, develop teaching capacity and curricula and evaluate their work on performance-based criteria.
The DPIIT IPR Chair at Osmania University looks forward to collaborating with other academic, research institutions and industries to promote effective utilization of IPRs by bridging the gaps between academia and industries. Prof (Dr) G B Reddy is the founding DPIIT-IPR Chair Professor and also senior Professor of Law at Osmania University.

About One-Day Online Workshop on ‘Promoting IPR Culture in Universities and other Higher Education Institutions’

Date and Time

31st October 2021 at 10:30 A.M. – 02:00 P.M. (IST)

Registration Fee

The Workshop is fully sponsored by the DPIIT-IPR Chair at Osmania University and there is no registration fee for the workshop.

Concept Note and Objectives of the Workshop

The universities and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are prominent producers of copyrightable and patentable works. The staff and students are involved in creating teaching material, course material, inventions, software, dissertations, project reports, theses etc.
The research and development activities conducted in universities and HEIs produce outcomes in the form of scholarly publications, inventions, databases, new plant varieties, confidential information, computer programs, etc. which can be protected as IP and also commercialized.
It is essential that universities and HEIs must be familiar with the IP system in order to successfully manage and distribute their IP.
The workshop would familiarize the university stakeholders i.e., students, scholars, faculty members and administrators with knowledge of IPRs. The aim is to inform the creators of intellectual property in the higher education institutions about the relevant intellectual property offices at national and international levels, experts of intellectual property rights in the given fields, and other authorities, institutions.
The workshop would also help stakeholders in effective management of intellectual property rights and acquaint them with the different methods of technology transfer, by developing the knowledge of the relationship between academics, research and IPRs.

Eminent Speakers

  • Shri G R Raghavender [Joint Secretary, Dept. of Justice, Ministry of Law & Justice, Government of India]
  • Prof (Dr) V C Vivekanandan [Vice-Chancellor, Hidayatullah National Law University]
  • Prof (Dr) D Ravinder [Vice-Chancellor, Osmania University]
  • Shri Ashok Ram Kumar [Advocate at High Court of Telangana and A.P., Founder & Managing Partner of Wordict-IP and Accredited Mediator, BIMAC]
  • Prof (Dr) G B Reddy [Professor of Law & DPIIT-IPR Chair Professor, Osmania University]


The Registration for the workshop is open to Graduate and Post-Graduate Students, Research Scholars, Academicians, Faculty, Advocates, Professionals and Stakeholders of IPRs.

Registration and Participation

Link for Registration: Available Here
  • Prior registration is mandatory for participation in the Workshop.
  • Participants will receive E-Certificate for successful participation.
  • Due Date for Registration is 29th October 2021.
  • Link for Online Meeting will be shared with the participants on 30th October 2021.

Contact for Details

  • Prof (Dr) G B Reddy [Coordinator and DPIIT-Chair Professor]
  • Dr S B Md Irfan Ali Abbas: +91 98488 85394
  • Mr A Srinivasa Rao: +91 82973 99898

Email: [email protected]

Participants are requested to Join in any ONE of the following WhatsApp Groups for future communications
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Available Here

Reported by: Dr S B Md Irfan Ali Abbas

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