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About the Hub for Law and Policy at Azim Premji University
The Hub for Law and Policy anchors integrates and promotes field-based learning by students in the LL.M. in Law and Development program, the Master of Arts in Public Policy and Governance (MPG) program, and the Law, Governance, and Policy (LGP)
specialization of the M.A. (Development) program at Azim Premji University.
Ongoing student group projects (2016-17) anchored at the Hub:

Azim Premji University has organized small-scale public exhibitions of student law clinic style work in 2014-15 (Justice: The Letter and the Spirit) and 2015-16 (In Pursuit of Justice). This academic year (2016-17), the Hub for Law and Policy at Azim Premji
University has introduced new conclave and conference elements to the overall public exhibition Crafting Justice. The Hub for Law
and Policy can be contacted at [email protected]

Crafting Justice

Crafting Justice will take place on the 29th and 30th of April 2017 at the Rangoli Metro Arts Centre, M.G. Road, Bangalore.

Crafting Justice is a two-day public exhibition and conference that focuses on learning to ‘do’ justice, and is hosted by the Hub for Law and Policy at Azim Premji University. The exhibition will focus on using experience-based educational projects to contribute to social justice.

Crafting Justice is comprised of four event components:

  1. A public exhibition of installations, performances, and other exhibits led by student groups from Azim Premji University that highlight student group project work that is practice-based and justice-oriented (29th and 30th April 2017).
  2. A public conference comprising three-panel discussions on key ethical, philosophical and methodological challenges associated with practice and experiential justice education. The panel discussions are titled i) Negotiating Interdisciplinary Frames in Experiential Justice Education, ii) Ethics of Intervention in Experiential Justice Education and iii) Transformative Potential in Experiential Justice Education.
  3. A by-invite conclave on experiential education for educators and practitioners which comprise a panel discussion on the “origins, practices and aspirations of experiential justice education” and focus group discussions on specific themes relating to challenges faced in initiating, conceptualizing and sustaining models of experiential education that work toward justice.
  4. The public keynote panel discussion that focuses on the theme of building sustainable models of experiential education that work towards promoting social justice. Keynote panelists include Ajay Pandey, Sudarshan Rodriguez, AR Vasavi, Maya Krishna Rao, Nandini Sundar (via video interview segment), and Ramesh Srinivasan.

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