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By | April 24, 2020
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If you’re reading this and you’re on the hunt for an excellent criminal defense attorney, then chances are you’re in deep trouble. Perhaps you’ve just gotten home from jail. You may have also just received your criminal charge for an offense you’ve committed or have been accused of doing. Now you’re left wondering, how can you best go about with your case.

It is without a doubt that facing a criminal charge is always a stressful time of your life. If this is the first time for you, then you might also be at a loss as to how to go about with your case. To start with, begin by searching for a criminal defense lawyer. These professionals are the best for you to work with at this trying time of your life.

That said, here are some questions for you to ask your criminal defense attorney before you even hire one:

  1. How Long Have You Practiced Criminal Law?

First, start by getting to know more about how long your lawyer has been in practice. If they’ve tried tackling multiple areas in the law, dig even deeper by asking how long they’ve focused on criminal law. This will give you an overall glimpse to help you determine that the lawyer has significant experience in the field. When you have this kind of guarantee, it will make you also feel better that you’re in the right hands.

  1. Do You Have Any Experience With Cases Similar To Mine?

Then, after you’ve expressly asked your lawyer about their criminal practice, it’s time also for you to go even deeper. This time, it’s worth noting to ask whether or not the particular lawyer has any experience with cases that are similar to yours. Note that even criminal law as a field of law is already diverse in itself. Many of these cases may be related to white-collar crimes, driving under the influence, crimes, or drug accusations. So, if your charge, for instance, relates to driving under the influence, you’re going to need a DWI team on your side.

Hence, as you ask this question, it’s about time for you also to narrate the circumstances of your case.

In doing so, you’re giving yourself that assurance that an expert lawyer is by your side. They know how to navigate through a case like yours, and they’re also equipped with the right questions and answers, come the trial day.

  1. How Much Does It Cost For Your Services?

Above all others, it’s also essential to ask about the fees. Some lawyers are more expensive than others. You’ll want to be able to clear it out early in your selection process whether or not a particular lawyer is someone that you can afford.

For criminal lawyers, these professionals will charge you with a flat fee. Then, ask also about the other costs that are inherently a part of your case. If the fee is one that you can’t afford, then give yourself the time to keep looking for other lawyers. An expensive lawyer doesn’t necessarily equate to quality, so you don’t have to pressure yourself about agreeing to pay a fee when you know that it’s something that you can’t afford.

  1. What Is The Most Likely Possibility Of My Case?

When you ask your lawyer about the most likely possibility of your case, please don’t expect them to give you a definite answer that’s a hundred percent sure. No one can tell for certain how a case is going to turn out. But based on their experience, lawyers can give you an estimate of what’s the likelihood of winning or losing your case.

That early on, you can also expect that your lawyer will tell you of what it is you should and shouldn’t expect with your case. If you’re guilty, the lawyer isn’t there to turn tables around. They can only help you go through a better settlement of your case, which also means lesser penalties and fines.

  1. How Often Will We Communicate?

Good communication between you and your lawyer is also crucial to keep things going smoothly. Henceforth, ask your lawyer also how often you’re going to meet and what your modes of communication are. This will give you an overall impression also of how approachable your lawyer might be, should you have any concerns.

If you feel any red flag that you’re going to experience difficulty with trying to facilitate proper communication with your lawyer, then trust your instincts. It might be best for you to look for another one instead.

Conclusion: Questions To Ask A Criminal Defense Attorney Binghamton NY

Hiring a criminal defense attorney to be on your side is a choice that you can’t just make haphazardly. You’ve got to give this so much thought. Your lawyer can make or break your case, and even when you know you might be the erring party, it’s still best to give yourself a good fight in court for a better settlement and judgment. Luckily, many reputable lawyers can help you out. You’ve just got to learn how to find them, and this begins by sifting through your options by asking these questions.

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