Rape : Is humanity hitting a new low ?

By | September 11, 2017
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Shameful, scandalous, shocking, unspeakable and unforgivable are the terminologies attached with the offence of rape.

You just get disgusted after a while with humanity…..

At present, the above line no more seems to be a metaphor and holds true because of the degrading human race against the commitment of the offenses.

Recently occurred offenses of rape throw light upon the gradually decreasing humanity where the accused fails to at least hold some respect and feelings against the so-called creation of  “human beings”.

According to the WHO, every 54 minutes a woman is raped in India; whereas as per a CDWS study, 42 women are raped in India every 35 minutes.

no means no

 NOT ONLY THIS BUT ALSO THAT” seems to be the principle   followed by the rape accused, where on one hand  their lust  is on  increase and on the other hand  humanity is on the decline

The recent incident, where a minor was raped and thrown in a drain. Another incident couple of days back such similar incident where the tribal girl allegedly was gang raped by 18-20 men and filmed by the accused. the others case being, where a 5 Yrs old girl in Delhi was raped by the school peon and a 7 yrs old boy being murdered mercilessly by the bus conductor as he had failed to sexually abuse the  minor.

Other such incidents, where, a girl in Nagpur was raped by her friends, murdered and then packed in a suitcase and the list of such incidents go on.

 Just when we thought that we need to save ourselves from the dehumanizing acts of people around us, it struck that animals too aren’t safe.

This is because of the incident in Delhi where a drunk taxi driver raped a puppy to death, stuffed in a sack and dumped her bleeding.

It is actually difficult rather impossible to comprehend that such a thing actually happened.

They say it’s the short and skinny dresses of women which lead to rising in the number of rape committed. Now, what would you like to comment on this one then ?

 Who has the right to kill you?

Nobody in this world, yes, ‘nobody’ in this ‘world’ has no right to get your life to an end. This is not the view which I hold or any other person holds, instead, this is the the fundamental right which is upheld by the Constitution of the India u/ Art. 21. So, the offense committed is not only against the body of the victim but against the very nature of the law and hence the accused needs to be punished keeping aside the humanity in the same manner as he does during commission of the offense

The very purpose of framing laws by the legislation is to deter  the occurrence  of  crimes, but after looking at above-listed incidents 2 things are questionable;

  1. The provisions of IPC related to rape
  2. Falling level of humanity

Isn’t it time when both, i.e., the provisions of IPC (Sec. 375 and Sec. 429), as well as the humanity, need to be reviewed from a different eye, as the dimensions of this very           particular offence has crossed all the boundaries and has left no sense of dignity to         the victim and the society. All these incidents are a dark spot in our society. We need to get rid of this as soon as possible as humanity seems to be ending every passing day.

Sonika Choudhary, ILS Law College, Pune

(Content Writer @ Legal Bites)