This article ‘Reviving & Restructuring from the Lockdown – A Student’s Perspective’ addresses various issues specifically from a student’s perspective. Reviving & Restructuring from the Lockdown – A Student’s Perspective ‘Passion and Dedication is essential to emerge victorious out of every battle.’ One of the most productive and opportunistic segments of the Indian Economy comprises of students. With… Read More »

This article ‘Reviving & Restructuring from the Lockdown – A Student’s Perspective’ addresses various issues specifically from a student’s perspective.

Reviving & Restructuring from the Lockdown – A Student’s Perspective

‘Passion and Dedication is essential to emerge victorious out of every battle.’

One of the most productive and opportunistic segments of the Indian Economy comprises of students. With burgeoning ideas and a zest for learning, we will be the ones to Remodel our country in the forthcoming years. Education has always been an integral component of India and holds the key to a sustainable future. Hence, it is essential to understand the impact on students amidst this crisis and the journey Recovering from it.

With over 260 million students and 1.5 million institutions, the indispensable role of education can be easily deduced.[1]

This tedious lockdown and extended quarantine have struck boredom and an incessant panic amongst the otherwise enthusiastic generation of today. While the quarantine has brought families closer, social isolation has put a strain on several factors that influenced our daily lives.

One of the major aspects with regards to students in the examinations and placements. While most of the examinations around the country have been postponed, many of us are in a state of perplexity over the final outcome. Neither the government nor the Universities have taken a decisive stance and issued vague guidelines. This leaves most of the students ranging from the Junior College to Post Graduate Programs in an obscure situation.

Some relief has been sought through the newly issued UGC guidelines:

  1. Intermediate Semester Students: Will be graded based on internal assessment of the present and previous semester. In states where the COVID-19 situation has normalized, there will be exams in the month of July.
  2. Terminal Semester Students: exams will be held in the month of July.
  3. A COVID-19 cell will be constituted in every university which will be empowered to solve the issues of students related to academic calendar and examinations.

Talking about the campus placement, an air of anxiety has enveloped the atmosphere. The growth-related appointments at companies have come off by 50-60% and they have subsequently put a freeze on leadership hiring for the next six months. Every company is Reassessing its stance and the market has seen a wave of layoffs as well. In this tense situation, students who have confirmed placements through various drives are in a comparatively better position.

Moreover, certain premier universities have strict campus placement policies that secure the jobs for all these students for the time being. However, for the rest, it offers to seem dubious and hinting towards a recession in the economy. Newly placed students undergoing retrenchment can fall back upon the Industrial Dispute Acts 1947 Section 2; which categorizes the wide ambit of the term Workman whose retrenchment will be deemed as an industrial dispute.

“C -suite hiring has fallen by 50 per cent following the COVID-19 outbreak and this is far worse than what was witnessed during the 2008-09 global financial crisis, said head-hunters. The worst affected has been the hiring of expatriates, they said.[3]

Digital services have come to the aid of the students undergoing the crucial phase of their education.

There has been a paradigm shift in the transition towards online classes via webinars and Interactive Learning. Every academician and institute is trying to Reinvent its strategy and evolve with emerging trends. Digital platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft teams and Google Duo are facilitating this change and connecting every student.

To draw from my own life, I recently attended a webinar for my law coaching with a brilliant presentation and consistent teaching. Not only this, but state governments are also collaborating with private academies to ease the process while the HRD Ministry (under minister- Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank) has developed an online portal with the help of AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). It can be construed that there is enough material for the students to engage themselves and pursue their respective courses as well.

Looking towards the brighter side now, this lockdown and the journey beyond it has extended a plethora of opportunities for us students. With the advent of digital media, there are many areas one can focus on. There has been a surge in digital initiatives and campaigns launched by students in accordance with Covid-19. Over the past month, I have seen and launched numerous campaigns such as online MUNs, fundraisers, boredom busters and symposiums to raise awareness as well as generate donations. It is overwhelming to discern the fervent participation amongst the students and the sheer will to give back to the community.

The Alpha urbane Project, The Maharashtra Summit and Covid-19 Symposium to name a few are student-run positive and productive campaigns with such a virtuous purpose.

“We have suddenly become reliant on services that allow us to work and learn from home. Social Media applications have seen a 30% rise since the Lockdown.”[4]

Addressing this issue specifically from a student’s perspective, the quarantine has proved to be a golden time. This a hiatus from the rigid and rigorous schedule every student encounters, juggling from college to classes, internships, and other events. But why is this a golden time? We need to Redefine ourselves and take a minute to contemplate our priorities. An exemplary time to upskill yourself and increase your competency to face the ruthless industry. I will repeat, pick up a new skill, and formulate a profile that would be indispensable to the industry.

There has been a disruption in the market and a recession is imminent, however, if our youth is innovative, we can tackle it at its roots.

To complement this, several agencies and universities like Coursera and the prestigious Harvard have launched over 1000 online free courses to keep us engaged. Hence every student and individual should emerge with Refurbished skills post the lockdown.

If you do not come out of this lockdown with either,

  • A new skill

  • More knowledge

  • Starting what you have been putting off like a new business; “You never lacked the time, you lacked the discipline.) “– Jeremy Haynes

It is never too early to prepare nor too late to start. Streamlining your career choices and devising a new strategy to get to grips with the various entrances will prove to be fruitful. Taking a step back from the chaotic life and immersing oneself towards their career path is the need of the hour. The sheer thought of moving out to pursue an activity is challenged via this lockdown. Moreover, digital media has provided a platform for content creators to reach out to a wider crowd.

Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok are ripe with content that is fuelled by our enthusiastic youth. This has opened the doors to a plethora of opportunities and avenues. To sum up, with a push from the government and a proactive private sector, we can endure this crisis at the forefront.

Another important factor that influences students is a vibrant lifestyle. With colleges and other amenities shut, students are forced to spend their time at home as opposed to their hectic routines. Out of dullness and monotony, many of us have found several addictive games such as PubG as a diversion. Although applications like house Parties help us stay connected via video calls, an idle usage of online streaming platforms and similar games is futile. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle with a fitness regime and Rehabilitating yourself from various toxic habits is extremely pertinent.

Plan Your Day

I would recommend contriving a schedule and planning your day so as to keep yourself occupied throughout. These are uncertain times and it is in the hands of our generation to keep the community together and extend our support in every way possible. I am sure it will not be long when we would be Relaxing in our college dormitories and having a good laugh over this Catastrophe of Corona Virus.

“When I is replaced by We, even illness becomes wellness.”– Malcolm X

Stay Home; Stay Safe & Stay Strong

By: Pranav Shidhaye, Law Student, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai





[4] New York Times

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