Having a website without Search Engine Optimization can have a negative influence on the profits of an online law firm website. So, it is essential and recommended to have a good positioning service these days. Here are some top SEO tips to grow the traffic of your law firm website: Loading speed Long-tail keywords Improve CTR Internal linking… Read More »

Having a website without Search Engine Optimization can have a negative influence on the profits of an online law firm website.

So, it is essential and recommended to have a good positioning service these days.

Here are some top SEO tips to grow the traffic of your law firm website:

  • Loading speed
  • Long-tail keywords
  • Improve CTR
  • Internal linking
  • Quality Content
  • Responsive design
  • Optimize unintentionally positioned keywords
  • Know your audience
  • Social media ads
  • Share buttons

What is Search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is the method of improving the visibility of a website in search engine result pages.

A search engine relies on thousands of factors to position websites or web pages.

However, there are two basic factors:

Relevancy which is the relationship a page has to a given search

With each search query, search engines evaluate which websites in their index can best meet user requirements.

To do this, the algorithms evaluate how well the websites in the index match the user’s needs.

At the same time, the characteristics of individual websites are also taken into accounts, such as loading time, link structure, technical specifications, and the relevance of the content.

These algorithm processes generate the ranking in the search results.

Authority of the website which can be checked by DA PA checker

Authority is basically the popularity of the website; the more popular your website is, the more valuable the information it contains.

Search engines take into account this factor very seriously since it is entirely based on the user’s own experience.

You can easily check the authority of your website by DA PA checker available on the internet.

It gives you the following important information about your law firm website:

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Spam Score

Why is traffic so important for your law firm website?

The organic traffic of the website is all the visits that come from the search engine result pages.

There can be any search engine from where you can get organic traffic like Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other.

Organic traffic is very essential for the success of a website and everything behind it.

It generates a greater number of high-quality visits on your online law platform. These visits come because of the users with certain interests in your law firm.

So, you can say, its importance is not only quantitative but also qualitative, since the visits that come to your website do not belong to any user but to someone interested in law field or law consultation.

SEO tips to increase organic traffic

1. Loading speed

The time your website takes to load is very important both for user experience and web positioning.

The better optimized a website is, the greater the loading speed it will have and this will allow us to get more visits.

Google itself states that an increase of half a second in the loading time of the website reduces 20 percent of web traffic.

In short, Google wants to offer the best to its users and that is why it will prefer those pages that take less time load faster.

By optimizing the loading speed of the pages you want to position, you will go up in the rankings and therefore the visits on your platform will multiply.

2. Long-tail keywords

Working with long-tail keywords is another important SEO factor that assists you to increase visits on your website.

Example of a long-tail keyword is the following:

Keyword: ‘Lawyer’

Long-tail keyword: ‘Labor lawyer in New York’

Normally the search volume of long-tail keywords is indeed low but a well-worked long-tail keyword can bring you a lot of organic traffic to your site.

You can see the most generic keywords have a high search volume but they usually have very high competition.

Long-tail keywords have less competition but a high probability of conversion, which is why you must focus on long-tail keywords to increase web traffic.

Long-tail keywords allow you to increase traffic if you manage to position several of them.

For example, if you manage to position a page with the long tail keyword ‘labor lawyer in New York’, you may also appear in the results for the search ‘labor lawyer’.

3. Improve CTR

Click Through Rate is a system that measures the number of clicks advertisers receive on ads per the number of impressions generated.

The higher the CTR in your results, the greater the number of visits to your website.

On the other hand, CTR is also a very important factor in improving web positioning.

Google tends to improve the position of those results that have good CTR.

If you are unable to get clicks from the impressions, Google will identify that your page is not relevant or does not provide what the user is looking for.

It can leave a bad impression and your position can go down the ranking.

4. Internal Linking

Another important factor of SEO related to On-page SEO that must be taken into account is interlinking or internal linking.

It is all about creating links that lead to other pages on your same website.

This strategy makes the internal linking structure that allows transferring authority between them.

By making a relation between internal pages, you give your readers the possibility to navigate through more pages, thus obtaining more page views.

Internal linking of a website also assist Google to crawl the pages much better.

5. Quality content

Good quality content also allows you to increase the organic traffic on your website. Good quality content always attracts more audience.

Originality should not be compromised:

Therefore, it is recommended to post authentic and plagiarism-free articles. You can check your content’s uniqueness through an Online originality checker. Add quality images and videos to make the audience stay for more time.

It is very simple to understand; when you go to a market and you see a shop with good design and quality products, you always attract towards it.

The same case is with your website, you will achieve more visits once you made your content worth visiting.

6. Responsive design

To increase the traffic of your site, make it responsive on all devices which include mobile and tablet as well.

Researches have shown that 61.9 percent of the total search clicks are made by mobile devices in recent years.

So, it is also necessary to make responsive design and increase loading speed on mobile devices as well if you want to achieve greater organic traffic on your site.

7. Optimize unintentionally positioned keywords

When you publish a page content, even though you are targeting a specific keyword, you must also start to position for other keywords too.

So, if we find the keywords for which the audience is finding us, we can increase SEO traffic to our website by updating the content and enhancing those keywords.

To view such keywords, try using the Search Console.

The Google tool recognizes the keywords for which we are being clicked in the result pages and offers us information about the position and the number of visits we are achieving.

8. Know your audience

Behind any strategy, there must be a precise analytical work.

We must know:

  • How the users who visit us behave
  • What they share about us on social networks
  • Which page is read the most by them

We can perform this technique through Google Analytics.

By doing this, we will be able to know which articles on our blog or which pages on our website are most visited.

By knowing the audience, we can add or update the things according to their interests.

That is how they will visit again and again and we will get increased traffic on our website.

9. Social media ads

Social media platforms can be a great ally to increase organic traffic to your site.

Here are some famous and common social media platforms you must focus on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Creating campaigns correctly segmented and with ads made up of good content can bring you a large amount of high-quality traffic.

Use the demographic category and interest segmentation according to the article you intend to promote and analyze the results.

The amount of traffic you can get from a small campaign is very important and you can get other benefits as well.

For example, if a user likes the publication, they don’t just like the post, but also share it on their channel.

That way, other people will reach it and you will get more traffic. Organic traffic achieved by social media channels can be more than a direct visit.

10. Share buttons

Adding share buttons can be a great technique to increase the traffic by allowing the audience to share your content.

To do this, you must place buttons on your blog or website that allow them to share what they are seeing on your platform.

These buttons allow the user to click on them and post the default tweet or post on their profile on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, or even WhatsApp.

Last words

These were the top tips through which you can increase your organic traffic.

And it is not so difficult; you just have to invest some time and pay little attention and you will surprise after watching the results.

We hope this guide can be helpful when you are about to plan increasing traffic on your site.

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