Solving Previous Year Papers of CLAT have proved to be the most beneficial material for the students. When one analysis the strategy adopted by the toppers to clear CLAT, one will realize that the past year papers have been always focused upon. The toppers always regard these papers as their ultimate tool for preparing for the competitive exam.… Read More »

Solving Previous Year Papers of CLAT have proved to be the most beneficial material for the students. When one analysis the strategy adopted by the toppers to clear CLAT, one will realize that the past year papers have been always focused upon. The toppers always regard these papers as their ultimate tool for preparing for the competitive exam.

Not only solving previous year papers help the top rankers but the entrance tests, sample papers, All India Test Series and a lot of practice material are available there in the market. The sample papers can be easily accessed nowadays due to the technology as well as the variety of coaching classes available in the market.

The effort that is required from the part of the student is to use these resources in an efficient manner. There are various perks that a student can avail of by solving the past year’s papers. Some of them are as follows:

  • Source of Motivation

If a student solves previous year papers with full dedication, the results can prove a great source of motivation for him. But if one lacks in doing them with full concentration, they can make one demotivated and deflated. Henceforth, it is important to take these papers very seriously as they are the sword with double- edges.

If one does well in the paper while solving, it may prove to be a source of increasing one’s hunger to gain entirely another level of success. The hunger for striving to succeed is the only factor that helps in making the difference in such competitive exams.

  • Source of best practice

The past year’s papers prove to be the only source that can provide the best practice during the preparatory stage of any exam. When a person is running out of the questions to solve after a particular period of time, the basic human nature of nonchalance, as well as that of procrastination, will start to imbibe in the work.

These two words do sound very heavy though they do not have the value equal to their sound in relation to the preparation.

This is the point during the preparatory period where the role of past year papers as well as the sample papers peeps in. Every aspirant wants to perform well in the competitive exam no matter how chill he or she may be during the preparatory stage.

Sometimes, normal students become afraid of having even a single look at the full length of the past year paper. And this fear will become one of the major driving forces for studying during the preparatory period which is full of extreme boredom and drudgery. Past year papers keep the aspirants at their toes when it comes to preparation of the exam and this is the only thing one wants during the preparatory stage.

  • Source of gauging competition

When one is preparing for the competitive exam, there are high chances that he might get depressed about the things he is not able to do on his own or become extremely happy due to those things which he is able to do very easily. One of the major reasons for such an extreme reaction is the lack of knowledge of the reaction of the rest of the aspirant over the same thing.

Henceforth, everyone needs a platform that is relative in nature in order to help him or ger to assess where he or she is standing in the competition and can give an insight into those areas which require improvement yet.

  • Source of different questions

Solving a question is found to be much easier than creating one. And due to this very reason, it will be difficult for any aspirant to find new or different sets of questions every time he or she opens a new book or any other study material for preparation. All those people who set the papers or the professors are most likely to save their new set of questions for the mock tests conducted by them. Here arises the need for one’s mettle.

This is because it is very different to solve a new question in the book from that of solving the same questions again and again in a competitive exam, where any mistake in reading or any kind of error in the calculation may lead to the loss of marks unnecessarily.

  • Source of realizing strengths and weaknesses

One may find every topic to be very easy or simple when one is solving them in a textbook. But solving the same topic during the exam may lead to entirely different results. Hence, the only way to figure out whether one is fully aware of a particular topic is by solving the past year’s papers.

It is very essential to have a thorough knowledge of all the weaknesses as well as the strengths in order to decide the strategy which is to be adopted during the exam.

  • Source for realizing mistakes

There is a pool of things that might go wrong when one is studying a topic for the very first time. It might happen that he is wrong in understanding a particular concept or he went wrong while reading out a particular topic. And thus, it is very necessary to recognize where one has gone wrong and improve upon it.

  • Source for reducing mistakes

Silly mistakes such as the simple error in calculation, missing ‘not’ while reading, bubbling errors and so on are most likely to occur during the competitive exams or while solving the papers. There is no particular method to get rid of such mistakes completely. However, there is a way to reduce such mistakes with the help of solving past year papers as much as possible.

The more one will get used to the conditions of the exam, the easier it will be for him or her to cut upon such mistakes.

  • Source to develop exam- temperament

Exam temperament plays the role of changing the game that becomes more apparent when one solves past year papers. One can easily find out such aspirants who had not thought of doing anything that is more than average but when the results are declared, they are the ones who excel in the exam. This is due to exam temperament.

Exam temperament plays a great role on the day of the exam similar to that of the dedication, hard- work as well as effort.

  • Helps in forming a strategy

The most underrated trick that can be used to get through any competitive exam is the strategy. Thus, to have a well-planned strategy before any exam is very important. When there is the question paper in front of an aspirant, the heads might lose calm and begin to go after solving random questions. This is why it is very important to have a strategy before one sits for any competitive exam that will keep the calm of the brain so that one can solve the paper with full capacity.

  • Source of planning mind games

The level of hardness of the exam depends on the ability of the examiner to test the nerves of the aspirant. Most of the time, tough papers do not have such questions which are very hard to solve but the patter in so difficult that helps the examiner to figure out what the nerves of the aspirants are made up of. One is expected to be ready to play such mind games with those who set the papers.

One of the most important things in these competitive exams is adaptability.

The examiners are mostly looking for such aspirants who can easily adapt to any kind of pattern that is used in the paper, and then making the strategy according to then and there, using all his weaknesses and strengths in such a manner that proves beneficial to him in any exam he or she is appearing for. This is the way how one can achieve success in any kind of exam irrespective of the level of toughness of the exam paper.

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