7 Terrible Laws in North Korea – Are enough to make you fall in love with your country

By | March 19, 2017
7 Terrible Laws in North Korea

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North Korea is the worlds most weird country to live in. It’s not just about banning I-phones or restricting exports or Kim Jong-un. The country has constantly been violating the basic rights of people and it interrupts in almost every facet of an individual. Laws of North Korea is apt only for those FB users who update their status as .. My life, My rules.. go and show your attitude at this place!

Here are 7 Terrible Laws in North Korea

1. Three generations punishment – this law will make you shiver

Don’t you dare to commit a crime in North Korea! Because if you do then not only you but your entire family would bear the brunt of the punishment. Your three generations, i.e. grandparents, parents and children will be penalized for your actions. This law was made to stop prison break. 3 Generation Punishment

2. A student going to school has to provide their own bench, desk apart from school fee

Here you can’t mess with your studies. Poor students…

7 Terrible Laws in North Korea

3. To live in capital one needs to have approval from the government

One cannot settle in the capital by will, it’s mandatory to have permission from the government. It is because Kim Jong doesn’t want any and every citizen to live in the capital, he wants the surrounding to be abode by the rich and ruling class only.

7 Terrible Laws in North Korea

4. Basketball rules – they have their own

North Korea, slam dunks are worth three points and not two, field goals in the final three minutes of the game are of eight points. And if you miss three throws, a point is deducted.

5. Choose from a list of 28 hairstyles approved by the government

Yes, this is true! The government of North Korea has 28 official hairstyles approved and all men and women have to choose from these. Spikes – is not allows as the government thinks that its rebellious. Another curious thing is that it doesn’t include the hairstyle of Kim Jong who brought this in 201, his hairstyle is unique there.

6. Only three TV Channels

Unlike Indian who can flip through thousands of TV channels, these North Koreans have only three channels that too is controlled by the government. Think of this scarcity……………. don’t do.. u can’t! 7 Terrible Laws in North Korea

7. It’s illegal to own a bible in North Korea

The North Korean government considers the Bible as a symbol of western culture, so they have established this peculiar law.bible_in_north_korea

India is imperfect, it is raw, it is real and the beauty in the dirt and the faith within the chaos reassures me that it’s ok not to be perfect. We should be glad to be living in a country like INDIA, where freedom is engraved in everything. So its time that we stop complaining and start LOVING. Jai_Hind

Source – Indiatimes

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