The Laws on Cricket

By | April 9, 2020
The Laws on Cricket

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For over 250 years, Cricket has been regulated by a set of codes, also known as laws. Such codes were subject to modifications and improvements proposed by regulatory authorities of the particular time.

The MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) has been regarded as the supreme authority for the creation of the Code and all subsequent modifications since its establishment in 1787. The Group also owns all copyright to the sport.

The Laws on Cricket

Cricket’s fundamental Rules have stood the test of well over 250 years of playing the game greatly. It is possible that the true explanation for this is that cricketers have historically been trained to play in both the Spirit of the Game while properly abiding with the Rules.

MCC updated the Laws for the New Millennium back in the year 2000. The biggest advancement of this Code was the inclusion of the Spirit of Cricket as a preamble to the rules. While in the post it was believed that all those concerned knew and acknowledged the tacit Spirit of the Game, MCC felt it was important to bring into writing some explicit instructions that help to preserve the particular character and enjoyment of the game.

The main goal is to endow with the Instructions, translate all the points into the Rules and eliminate all uncertainties where necessary, so that captains, participants and referees could begin to experience the game at whatever stage they might participate.

The MCC has worked closely with all the International Cricket Council Full Member Countries to create the game’s governing body. The Test Umpires and Scorers Council has been in close contact. The Team took in umpires and teams from around the globe as well.

The most recent update to the laws of cricket was made in 2003, which includes a few necessary adjustments made to the predecessor set of laws, after practical implementation and experience of the code worldwide since it was applied in October 2000.

Laws on betting on cricket

When it comes to betting on cricket, it’s quite restricted by the government. But we can still find lots of major worldwide online betting services that are available and even a few Indian local betting sites. Considering online betting is still in its infancy in India, there are no particular laws that restrict it yet, so it’s a very good opportunity for betting companies to rise and grow in India, as they have massively in most major countries in the world.

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