The League of Law Schools. NLUs Vs Others

By | June 15, 2018
Law Schools Comparison

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Law is the set of rules which a particular community recognizes and follows. It is basically the foundation stone of any civilised society. Any civic society needs definite laws and a proper structure of justice for the functioning of the society well. Law is today a vast subject taught by many colleges and university all across the country. The best law schools in ranking includes the National Law Universities (NLUs) and then several private and government colleges. Though, both of the genres provide good legal education but have a considerable difference as far as placements, ranking, infrastructure are concerned.


As far as rankings are concerned, the top positions are held by NLSIU, Bangalore, NALSAR, Hyderabad, NLU Delhi, NLU Jodhpur and NLU Bhopal. The top rankings also include other colleges like Faculty of law, University of Delhi, Jindal Global Law School, Sonipat, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh and many other private and government colleges. Both- NLUs and other good ranking colleges are comparable in studies, yet the top seedings cannot be replaced. NLSIU has been the number one ranking college since years and has maintained its position and dignity till now.


Law College is incomplete without a proper and huge library of books. Even moot courts, seminar halls, proper building, and good furniture also count. The top NLUs have a really large and fully equipped library. But at the same time many high ranked government colleges, do not have the basic library and books. Moot courts are not proper and are just laid on a few benches. Buildings are sophisticated and are not ready enough to accommodate students. Hence, as far as infrastructure facilities are concerned, NLU and private colleges are much better equipped as compared to the government colleges.


The top NLUs provide a far better placement opportunity than the government colleges. NLUs are famous for their on-campus placements and many students get a job in big companies with an average package of 9-10 lakhs in the starting (for those who excel themselves in legal skills). Government college, however, do not provide such placement opportunity but their tag is enough for any student to get good placement opportunities outside the college.


The fee of many private colleges is really high which sometimes go around 50 lakhs for 5 years. The fees of NLUs and government colleges are quite reasonable which goes around 4 lakhs for a year. NLUs hence are better ranking colleges with a reasonable fee which a normal middle-class family can afford.


In NLUs, highly qualified law faculty teaches the students. They have a great experience in the legal field. The faculty in other colleges depends on their rankings. They may or may not be appropriate. It has been noted that in many government colleges, the faculty is not up to the mark and students are not able to solve their doubts.

NLUs v other colleges

NLU provides an overall good ambiance but the disadvantage of it is that they mainly focus on personality development rather than studies. The same is opposite in case of government colleges. A student is not a free bird in NLUs as he is bound by the college timings, the hostel rules and the load of the syllabus due to which sometimes, he may feel fed up. The performance also degrades sometimes as a result of this. As long as a student is independent and allowed to do his tasks according to his wills, he will perform it with full dexterity and will not take it as a load. Other colleges have flexible timings and allow students to think out of the box and prepare for other competitive exams too.

Though there are many internal opportunities for the students, yet a bit of freedom is important to help the students in their overall development. Attendance is a big issue in NLUs and NLU Delhi needs 97% attendance approx. Government college has an advantage over it as they still need 75% attendance and gives time to students to do their extra studies.  Internship opportunities are but far better in NLUs and they provide opportunities to learn under big advocates and firms. Other colleges do not have this advantage. They provide internships but not of that level as compared to NLUs.



RANKING Mainly top seeding Lower than many NLUs but yet have a good ranking.
HOSTEL Compulsory and provide normal hostel facilities. Could or could not be compulsory. Many big private colleges have excellent hostel facilities.
PLACEMENTS Provides great campus placement opportunities. Some private colleges like Jindal Global, Amity provide a great campus placement but government colleges fail in this regard.
FOCUS It has been reported from many students that they mainly focus on personality development. Their main focus is on studies and less on personality development.
FEES Reasonable fees Private colleges have a huge fees bur government colleges have affordable fees.
INFRASTRUCTURE Far better Government colleges do not have a good infrastructure.
ENTRANCE MODE CLAT, AILET Independent papers like LSAT,RULET,AMU law entrance test, IPU CET etc.
INTERNSHIPS Wider internship opportunities under big associates and firms. Provides opportunities but not of high level as that of NLUs.
FACULTY Far better and experienced faculty. Faculty may or may not be appropriate according to the needs of the legal field.
By: Amisha Bansal,
UFYLC, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur

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