The Menace of Corruption

By | November 12, 2017
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A recent survey by Forbes published in September revealed the most shockingly harrowing details about corruption in India.  The report declared India to be the most corrupt country in Asia with Vietnam just in line to take over. Such a report has come as a major disappointment as India’s priority has been to uproot this menace from its very roots.

Only recently was this report’s facts validated when an IPS officer was caught cheating in the deemed UPSC mains examination. As soon as the news spread, an uproar of media humiliation and online criticism followed. With the media unleashing a new fact each day, people’s discontentment and disapproval of such malpractices arose.

The guilty, Safeer Karim, an assistant superintendent of police in Nanguneri, Tirunelveli, brought a cell phone, a Bluetooth –enabled miniature camera and wireless earpieces in the examination hall. The violation of strict rules and norms with such ease raises grave concerns over the administration’s honesty and work ethics as well. With the rules so severe, how was it possible for Karim to sneak in these items without being caught? Were more officials involved in this malpractice?

Karim’s earlier credentials are also clouded now; with him having cheated in the mains, several questions have been raised over his former selection as an IPS officer too. Such lapses in the civil exams certainly don’t bode well for our country which is already dealing with grave administration issues. The IAS and IPS officers are accorded such respected positions after undergoing an intense selection procedure.

The power vested with them is of paramount importance and hence all major decisions lie in their hands. With an IPS officer indulging in such a malpractice, our country’s safe and healthy administration looks shrouded.

Corruption has lingered over the Indian society for decades; thus paving the way for its suffusion through the Indian society today. The primary reason for such unethical notions in our country is the unrestricted and immense power vested in the higher authorities of government. Ever since the British took over the reins of India, an inordinate amount of power was assumed by the higher authorities which in turn made them unaccountable for their actions.

From Indira Gandhi taking over as the prime minister to Narendra Modi elected as the head today, the accountability for the government’s actions has only reduced. With ministers easily getting away with serious and grave crimes on the pretext of power and money, there still exists a lot that needs to be reformed.

The political scenario in our country is in urgent need of reformation and thus needs imperative attention. With the statistics going against India’s way, the major loopholes have to be discerned so that a solution can be thought of. The offenders, despite their stature in the society, should be punished by the legal machinery. The progress of our nation lies in the hands of every citizen; as law-abiding citizens of our country, we owe it to our nation.

– Shrishti Vatsa

Content Writer @ Legal Bites