Tips to Succeed in Microsoft Exam 70-345

By | August 26, 2019
Tips to Succeed in Microsoft Exam 70-345

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Here are the Tips to Succeed in Microsoft Exam 70-345. This exam is designed for candidates who have a minimum of three years of experience managing and designing Exchange Server. It can be taken in English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, and Portuguese languages. The cost of this exam is $165 and you will have to attain a score of more than 700 to pass it.


The popular Microsoft certification program is undergoing significant changes today. These credentials will no longer focus on a specific technology or product and will concentrate on the specific knowledge and skills required in certain job roles. This means that most of the certifications and exams from the 70-xxx series will be retired soon.

However, candidates who had already started their certification process and passed certain exams belonging to retired certifications will have a chance to take transition exams and attain new certifications.

The new role-based certifications include four pathways:

  • Apps and Infrastructure
  • Data and AI
  • Modern Workplace
  • Business Apps

These credentials can be obtained at the fundamental, associate, and expert level. Some of the job roles that you can take up with the help of the Microsoft certification program are Azure Administrator, Developer, Solutions Architect, and DevOps Engineer, and Enterprise Administrator.

Although Microsoft certifications are taking a new shape, not all previous exams and credentials have been retired. This article focuses on one of these exams. 70-345: Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 test leads to the MCSE Productivity Solutions Expert certification.

Candidates who earn the MCSE Productivity certification qualify for positions in network and computer systems administration.

To be eligible for this expert-level exam, first you need to complete the associate stage by getting either MCSA: Windows Server 2016 or MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification. Below we will explore the details of 70-345 and give some tips that will help you pass your exam without stress.

Exam 70-345

This exam is designed for candidates who have a minimum of three years of experience managing and designing Exchange Server. It can be taken in English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, and Portuguese languages. The cost of this exam is $165 and you will have to attain a score of more than 700 to pass it.

70-345 Topics

Below are some of the topics included in 70-345 test:

Managing and troubleshooting mailbox databases

  • Planning, deploying, and managing mailbox databases
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting mailbox databases
  • Managing backup and recovery solutions for mailbox databases

Managing and troubleshooting client access services

  • Managing, deploying, and planning client access services
  • Managing mobility solutions
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting client connectivity

Planning, Deploying, Managing, and Troubleshooting Transport Services

  • Managing transport services
  • Troubleshooting and monitoring transport services
  • Managing message hygiene

Managing security, Exchange infrastructure, and recipients

  • Configuring Active Directory Domain Services
  • Creatingand configuringmail-enabled objects
  • Planning appropriate security strategies

Managing archives, compliance, auditing, and eDiscovery

  • Planning and configuring Data Loss Prevention solutions
  • Performing eDiscovery
  • Managing a compliance solution

Question types

During the test, you may encounter some of the following types of questions:

  • Active screen

Active screen assessments have an application screenshot and simulate controls you will need to answer the questions. Panes can be resized by the split bar while scrolling through the whole question is done by a scroll bar. Use the dialog box to make a selection. Clicking reset removes all progress.

  • Best answer

This is a multiple-choice question which involves choosing the best response from a list of options that contain several correct answers.

  • Build list

This involves selecting items from a source area on the left of the screen and dragging them to a correct position in the answer area on the right. One can rearrange selections in the answer area by dragging them to their desired positions or by using up and down arrows.

  • Case study

It presents a case which has a few questions related to it. The buttons in the left pane help candidates to explore the contents of the case study and view additional information such as business requirements, existing environment, etc. Candidates have a chance to review and change their answers for this section through a review screen that appears at the end of the task. After proceeding to the next exam section, no changes can be made.

  • Drag-and-drop

It involves dragging answer options from the source area to the answer area. Selections can be reversed. Some of the answer options may be used multiple times. Clicking reset clears all selections.

  • Hot area

This type of questions involves answering questions in a graphical form. It may provide a diagram, screenshot or image. Candidates answer hot area questions by clicking on the correct choices on the graphic provided.

  • Multiple-choice

Multiple-choice questions may demand a single answer or multiple answers. One can change their selections by clicking on other choices.

  • Short answer

This question is answered by writing a code that contains the keywords provided in the question. Candidates can check the syntax of the code they write in the text entry area.

Preparation options

  • Online training

Microsoft provides online training for prospective exam takers. Candidates for exam 70-345 can access online courses for preparation at the Microsoft website.

  • Instructor-led training

Candidates who prefer instructor-led training, can enroll in a classroom program and be guided through the courses 20345-1 and 20345-2 to prepare for exam 70-345.

  • Practice test

Taking an official practice test for exam 70-345 enables candidates to become familiar with the pattern of the actual exam.

  • Exam dumps

Using dumps is one of the best options for exam preparation. One reputable platform for obtaining quality 70-345 exam dumps is the Examsnap website. These dumps will help you pass your exam easily as you will be able to conduct practise exams as many times as you want.

In conclusion

After you pass exam 70-345, you attain the MCSE Productivity Solutions Expert certification. This will unlock many benefits for you including a higher salary and job satisfaction. Passing the exam will be much easier for you if you use the outlined tips. Also, don’t forget about exam dumps from Examsnap. Use the chance to take your skills to a higher level!

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