Online learning is a novel way to learn many things. In fact, many schools and companies have adapted a form of e-learning today and it’s expected to grow even more in the coming years. With today’s global situation, most if not all schools are turning to online learning to teach their students. With traditional learning rendered nearly impossible,… Read More »

Online learning is a novel way to learn many things. In fact, many schools and companies have adapted a form of e-learning today and it’s expected to grow even more in the coming years. With today’s global situation, most if not all schools are turning to online learning to teach their students. With traditional learning rendered nearly impossible, online tutoring is needed to supplement online learning.

Read the following reasons why you need an online tutor to enhance online learning.

1.Provide Guidance And Motivation

When it comes to learning something, self-discipline and time-management play great roles. However, online learning doesn’t come with the guidance of an instructor compared to conventional learning, and many students claim that it’s difficult to motivate themselves this way. This is where a private online tutor comes in—to provide guidance and motivation to the student while they’re learning. With someone to guide them, students don’t have to feel so alone in trying to grasp various concepts when learning online.

2. Enable Social Interaction

Picture a traditional classroom with many students interacting with each other and asking the teacher questions. Unfortunately, this scene isn’t always present in online learning. Although there are several channels for students to reach out to their teachers, this isn’t a natural interaction in the virtual classroom. But with a tutor, a student can have someone to ask questions and discuss matters with. With this kind of social interaction, it’s easier for a student to integrate into real life the concepts they’ve learned.

3. Give Students Feedback

In a conventional classroom, a teacher can provide immediate feedback for a student’s work. A student who is having difficulty in the curriculum can easily address them either during the discussion or during consultation time. It’s important for students to have personalized feedback as it makes learning simpler and more significant while also improving their motivation.

Online learning usually involves students completing assessments without getting personalized feedback. However, with a private tutor, a student can be given real-time feedback on any work they’ve completed.

4. Improve Communication Skills

Because of a lack of social interaction between peers and teachers, online learning is usually associated with poor development of communication skills among students. Because there’s no face-to-face interaction among students and teachers in a virtual classroom setting, it might be difficult for students to work together in a group.

The inability to effectively communicate with others is believed to result in many graduates who only excel in theory but find it difficult to share their skills with others. Thus, an online private tutor can help address this problem by encouraging a student to interact and discuss issues with them. This way, the student improves their communication skills by knowing how to ask and answer questions.

5. Address A Student’s Learning Gaps

If a student has been experiencing challenges in online or distance learning, they can have learning gaps that can hinder their understanding of future lessons. A tutor can help by getting a student back on track. A student who’s having difficulty keeping up with the lessons can catch up and won’t have to feel left out.

Teachers, whether conventional or online, have the tendency to continue with the lessons even if one or more of the students haven’t adequately grasped the lessons yet. But with a tutor, a student can gain back control using supplemental lessons of a specific topic.

When they get their grades, students are often told that gaps in their knowledge make it difficult for them to improve. Only by using private tutoring services can you resolve this problem.

6. Consolidate Knowledge

Private tutorials often have one edge over the typical classroom setup: personalization. A private tutor can determine the weaknesses in a student, which they can use to address the student’s learning difficulties. Most students are scared or shy to ask questions inside the classroom, which may lead to frustration. With a private lesson, a student could be more comfortable asking questions in this kind of environment.

7. Prepare For A Major Exam

One of the advantages of having a private tutor is that you can customize your lessons. Whether you’d want to focus on preparing for a specific exam or simply ace all your subjects for the school year, a tutor can help you reach these academic goals. A tutor can customize a tutoring program to help prepare a student for an upcoming exam based on what the student already knows and what skills they need to improve on.

8. Help Achieve Academic Goals

If you’re aiming to get into a specific university, you’d want customized learning more than anything. While all schools are doing their best to help their students achieve their potential, many parents don’t want to settle for just the average. Thus, they opt to get private lessons for their kids as a stepping stone towards a specific scholarship or university. Private tutorials are effective for this goal since the teaching is more focused compared to other learning environments.

9. Develop Skills And Techniques

Some students find it difficult to learn new lessons not because they’re not trying but because of their different learning style. A teacher may be teaching by discovery, but the student prefers guided practice. This results to frustration for both parties, thinking that they’ve done everything they could but to no avail. With a private tutor, however, the student will get the kind of teaching that will best work for them. Along the way, the student will develop techniques and skills they can use in future lessons.

10. Provide Constant Work

Online learning places most of the responsibility on the student. Whether the student practices their skills or not, it depends on the student. Most of the time, a student will only study their lessons when they have an upcoming exam, or they have to turn in an assignment. One of the reasons for getting a private tutor is a student will be forced to become more focused. The tutor will know which topics the student needs more practice on, so this becomes their focus until the student masters the skills or lessons.

Final Thoughts

Online or distance learning has become part of the new normal of many schools. Despite the efforts of teachers and schools, it can’t be denied that this kind of learning environment requires a student to be disciplined and responsible to get the most out of the lessons. Unfortunately, some students need help focusing, getting more practice, or getting more feedback. Thus, tutors are needed to help supplement students’ online learning.

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