Who is Very Important in a Society? – VIP Saga

By | December 27, 2017
Who is Very Important in a Society? - VIP Saga

VIP racism has become an issue nowadays. It is fine if it is applied during any critical times but not during regular days.

Roots of Democracy

Long back, Abraham Lincoln furnished the tagline, “For the people, of the people, by the people”. Even prior to this exposure, Indian kings dedicated their precious lives to safeguard the interest and lives of the public. Tamil King Karikalan is associated with the history narrating his ascendance on the throne. The ministers vested the obligation of choosing a king to the royal elephant. The elephant put on the garland on the Karikalan, who was in hiding. Therefore, Democracy is not a phenomenon introduced by others to India. Kings were the VIPs of those days. In such an environment, Kings, of course, lived luxurious lives but not too much. Kings had a happy living. They took care of their subjects too.

Leaves of our history textbooks moaned to us of the atrocities committed by Aurangzeb. However, it did whisper to us, also of his courtly act. He had not taken even a penny from his Government exchequer. He wrote Koran and made money for his living.

VIP – Then and Now

Today, under the expression, “Scam”, things take place. Hard labored pennies do not cater the soul. It can cater the stomach and mind but not the heart and the soul. From the economic perspective, Smith says that every output is a collaboration of a number of hands. After all these workers invest hard works, money is gotten for a single producer. The tax of all these workers, the producer, the traders and every other form the swindled money for some people.

Contrary to this, to safeguard the properties of the subjects, Kings went around the streets in disguise. They did not have any engineered safety measures or protection. Many poems say that the King fought in the war by prioritizing the well-being and safety of the soldiers, laying his own life at stake.

In schools, there is warmth and care especially showered to children of famous people. These students take advantage of their recognition. They sometimes land up in disturbing other students’ learning process and even their lives. Here comes the problem of the teacher being unfairly biased. Such students enjoy the perks of being a pop kid. Sometimes the institutions too, remain intact to the crises faced by the co-learners due to these pop kids.

Initially, Kings had to send their heirs to Gurukuls. At the Gurukula, the Prince and the Pauper must take his lessons equally. One learner must not impose his authority over his peer. Only the guru is accredited with the liberty to command. Whoever does a mistake is subject to punishment by the guru. They had to take shelter only under thatched roofs, take meals, which are offered to them.

The kings were also very just. Subjects took the liberty to voice out their opinions to the Kings and about the Kings’ faults. The Kings took it in the right sense and changed themselves. This is highly evident in ancient ballads and stories of India.

Way to go

VVIP racism has become an issue nowadays. It is fine if it is applied during any critical times but not during regular days. A mannerly deed of Kalvithanthai Kamarajar hits my mind. The Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu once witnessed a water supply facility close to his mother’s residence. Other women had to take a troll to fetch water. He at once ordered the Officers to discard the supply.

Even some decades back, democracy had not died. It is only in the hands of us people to preserve this long carried democracy of the country. As usual, the only solution is to teach and benefit out of it.

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