Webinar on Judicial Independence vis-a-vis Judicial Activism

By | June 1, 2020
Webinar on Judicial Independence vis-a-vis Judicial Activism

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Webinar on Judicial Independence vis-a-vis Judicial Activism is being organised by Amity Law School Gurugram. The speaker for the webinar is Mr. Vikas Singh, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Former Additional Solicitor General of India and Former President, Supreme Court Bar Association.

About Webinar on Judicial Independence vis-a-vis Judicial Activism

The emergence of judicial review gave birth to a new movement which is known as judicial activism. Judicial activism has turned into the most important means to enhance the applicability of the particular legislation for the betterment of society. Unlike the other countries’ constitution, the Indian constitution, by virtue of Articles 13,32,226,141 and 142 provides the scope for the emergence of judicial activism.

The responsibilities which a Court carries in a country with a written constitution are very onerous. The courts thus act as the Supreme interpreter, protector, and guardian of the supremacy of the constitution by keeping all authorities–legislative, executive, administrative, judicial, or quasi-judicial within legal bounds. In light of such, Amity Law School Gurugram is organising a webinar on “Judicial Independence vis-a-vis Judicial Activism”.

About the Speaker

Mr. Vikas Singh is a Senior Advocate practicing in the Supreme Court of India, elected as President of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) in 2017, and former Additional Solicitor General of India (Supreme Court). He has more than 30 years of experience in legal and constitutional matters. He has argued several significant constitutional matters such as reservation in educational institutions, the liability of the authorities established by the State towards payment of Income Tax, etc.

Moderators for ALS Webinar

  1. Maj. Gen. P.K, Sharma (Retd.), Prof & Director Amity Law School, and Dean, Faculty of Law, Amity University Gurugram
  2. Mr. Pranshul Pathak, Coordinator, Amity Law School, Amity University Gurugram


Cisco Webex


Date and Time: 03 June, 02:00 PM

Note: Kindly ignore the information about Starting time on the CISCO Webex page, Webinar will start as mentioned above i.e. 02:00 PM.

Certificate of Participation

E-Certificates will be provided to all the attendees.


Ms. Neha Mishra, Assistant Professor, Amity Law School, AUH


Email: [email protected]

Mr. Ravi Tiwary: +91-90159 42328

About the Organiser

Amity Law School Gurugram vision is to strive to be an internationally recognized leader in socially relevant legal research and education in India and the Commonwealth States. In pursuing its vision, the Amity Law School has as its mission, the creation and sustenance of a research-based academic environment that is grounded in values of social justice and excellence. The values of the Amity Law School are fully aligned with those of the University with a view to creating a culture that reflects these values.

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