Who’s Who? A Difficult Question to Answer

By | December 16, 2017

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King Virat plans a wedding between his daughter, Uthra, and Arjuna. Arjuna refuses it by saying that a teacher is like a parent to his/her disciple. This makes her wed Abimanyu. A guru is a parent and the disciple is a child. This moral is falling. The sexual assault of children, by teachers, is a disgrace to the age-old tradition and heritage of our country. This is very disappointing. It is only with the hope for a parent in a teacher that parents entrust their children in the hands of their teachers.

Even if it is Indra, he is punished for his misdeed to a woman. Ahalya’s husband is powerful enough to revolt against the King of God. Misconduct towards a woman makes a man feeble physically and mentally. The respect for women was not only during the days of Puranas but also during the days of Kings.

A King is known for putting his son to death for mistreating a woman. This continued even during the Mughal rule. Akbar had great respect for women. He drove his courtier and brother in law out of the palace because he had misbehaved with a woman.

If this was the case, where are the remains of that today?  It is not morally fair to compartmentalize all men into this particular category. It is due to some men that other men are also feared. Initially, kids were sent out of their houses to play. Today, people fear for some mishap to the kid. The trust one has for others has vanished.

It is not right to blame the hormones because everyone has the same thing. This imbalance in hormone cannot be a factor to disturb the lives of the children. Other men do not give into all these because of many things.  This may be because of their brought-up, education and mostly the adherence to virtue.

In Gurudeb’s Cabuliwallah, the Cabuliwallah plays with the child and finds his child in the girl. Today, due to the misconduct of some cruel beasts even good people are also doubted. The problem must be emphasized. In a country like India, women are to be respected and cared. Men are vested with the obligation to safeguard women from other destructive sources. Is this the way to safeguard women?

The only way to get out of these things is to teach and to cultivate morality. There are cases in which men of a considerable age abuse girls and even go to the extent of killing them. If the person puts himself in the shoes of the parents, friends, brothers, or husbands of the women, he will get no interest in doing so.

It is not right to blame the movies completely though they sometimes show obscenity. It is abnormal even when kids jump from the walls after watching cartoons. Grown-up people committing sins after watching movies is a ridiculous symptom. The only remedy for this is to place oneself in the place of others.

A woman is a representation of the whole of motherhood. It is only after the torturing of women, the forces of nature started to agitate against humans. It is better to bear it in mind that it is because of women one is born and brought into the world.  It is an honor for Indian men, who shielded the chastity of women. Let us hope for the glorious days of chivalry to come back to India.

– Sivashruthy Namachivayam

Content Writer @ Legal Bites