This article discusses World Food Day. By uniting, it is possible to begin a fight that is against hunger. By uniting, it is possible to bring a tomorrow, for all the children across the world, which is better than the present day by the way of feeding them. It is important for all the people to come together… Read More »

This article discusses World Food Day. By uniting, it is possible to begin a fight that is against hunger. By uniting, it is possible to bring a tomorrow, for all the children across the world, which is better than the present day by the way of feeding them.

It is important for all the people to come together and make a promise to themselves that they will take a step each day in such a way that will eradicate the evil that the world is facing today by the way of feeding all those who are sleep hungry each night.

Hunger is one of the problems from which people all around the world are suffering. Henceforth, the UN had come forth and designated a particular day in order to take action against all the factors that are contributing to this problem.


On 16th of October every year, everyone from the various parts of the earth comes out of their home in order to tackle the problems leading to the hunger worldwide and for this, they make a commitment that they will do their part of help always in their lifetime so that the hunger can be easily eradicated from all over the world.

The Food and Agricultural Organization came into being on the 16th of October in the year of 1945 and in order to provide honour to the date when the foundation stone of such an organization was kept, the world food day is celebrated on this particular day all over the world. Celebration of this day is done in around 150 countries of the globe pursuant to which, this event had marked its presence as the most celebrated day in the calendar of the United Nations.

In addition to the food and agricultural organizations, there are other organizations that also take an active part in the celebration of this day so that all the problems that are in relation to hunger, food, nutrition and so on can be minimized if they can not be ended completely. Some of these organizations are the world food program, the International Fund for Agricultural Development and many more.


All the events that are conducted on this day have the motive of promoting awareness about the problems leading to hunger across the world. In addition to this, the events are also aimed at taking actions for all those people who are suffering from hunger. It is also kept in mind that such steps have to be taken so that the problem of diets that are full of nutrition as well as the problem of food security can be tackled in the forthcoming days.

Food falls in the category of basic as well as the fundamental human rights of everyone in the world. And this is kept in focus on the world food day that each and every person can avail of this basic human right.

Even after such steps taken by the united nations, around 820 million people across the world are the patients of chronic undernourishment while approx. 60 % of the population of women along with around five million children who are yet under the age limit of five years are losing their lives every day due to the causes that generate when a person is suffering from malnutrition.

On the other hand, in this world where a lot are dying due to hunger, malnutrition, and lack of food, there exists a population of around 672 million that is suffering from the problem known as obesity. Not only this but around a population counting to around 1.3 billion is found to be overweight. The goal should be to balance the problem on both sides.


The main goal for the launch as well as the celebration of the world food day finds its basis on the necessity to advance as well as secure the security for food all over the world, especially in the days of the crisis. The united nation has contributed a lot towards the achievement of the above-mentioned goal by laying down the foundation stone of food and agriculture organization.

This organization has played a major role by taking those steps that are in furtherance of achieving the goal of abolishing hunger and provide food for at least two times a day to each and everyone out there in the world.

The significance of the food and agriculture organization is being represented by celebrating the world food day annually. This is also used as a means to increase awareness regarding the importance of doing agriculture in an effective manner.

In addition to it, the organization also focuses on implementing the policies in connection to the food with the help of the various governments all over the globe so that it can be easy to ensure that sufficient food is available for each and everyone out there across the world.


The celebration of world food day finds its basis upon the establishment of food and agriculture organization that was launched by the united nations in 1945. But today, this day has also marked its presence in the calendar with the help of the title Food Engineer’s day.

When it comes to India, the government of India provides the world with insight into the significance of agriculture with the help of this day. In addition to this, it also puts its emphasis on the fact that the crops that are being produced by India are safe as well as healthy. Due to this reason, whatever food is consumed by those who are living in India is very healthy and safe.

The people of India are very enthusiastic about celebrating world food day. There are many people who sincerely love food a lot. They come together joining hand in hand and take a pledge that they will always strive for keeping their food safe and hygienic in Delhi. These are the people who stood in protest against the introduction of genetically modified crops to the soil of India.

The craft museum at Dastakar Mela is used as the venue for the celebration of the occasion of the world food day by the people.

They show their happiness through the traditional form of making Rangoli there in the museum. Along with this, they also go to the extent of performing street plays or “nukkad natak” and their theme is in relation to the genetically modified crops. With the help of these plays, they contribute their part in spreading awareness across the globe.

Not only this but a lot of non- voluntary organizations come forward to put a focus on cleanliness, clean eating habits, eating healthy foods as well as avoiding fast food in the urban part of India. There are various other volunteers who come on the stage for conducting street plays in order to demand the consultation by the public on the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) bill.

According to these volunteers, this bill is on the top of the list of the things that pose a danger to the food safety of India because through the introduction of this bill, the government had brought the proposal of introducing the crops that are genetically modified in nature to the soil of India.


There are countless traditions and cultures prevalent in India. These traditions do vary from state to state and each festival is celebrated in a style that is different from other states. However, food is the element that is most common at every celebration. There are a variety of food items that are not only prepared but eaten and distributed as well amongst the various members of family and friends as a form of rituals.

Further, a lot of food gets prepared on the occasion of the marriage of Indian people as marriage is one of the most important occasions for them. A variety of food items are prepared during the occasion of marriage and a lot of food gets wasted in the form of leftovers.

A step towards not wasting food can be taken by the families that are party to the marriage by the preservation of extra food and distributing the leftovers to those who are poor as well as needy.

This can prove to be a very big step that can make a lot of difference as the wastage of food can be reduced and with the help of this saved food, a lot who sleep every night without having a single bite of food can be provided with food at the end of the day.

Another step can be taken by the government as well as the private companies by forming a scheme where a fixed amount of salary will get deducted from that of those employees who come forward voluntarily to make a donation for the food banks and the money that is collected by this means should be used at the time when there is any natural calamity or disaster and so on.

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