Balancing the Law-life | By Arushi Bhatnagar

By | April 13, 2020
Learn to balance the Law-Life

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Learn to balance the Law-Life, like the Bailey statue balances the justice!

Introduction: Balancing the Law-life

We have often seen lawyers as people fighting for rights and justice, little do we realize what goes into being a lawyer. Bollywood and media have always instilled our perception of lawyers. The image that society holds of them puts law professionals under substantial pressure and so does there 5-year long course. The expectation of outdoing themselves and becoming the best in their field, achieving both money and fame. On top of that the years of practice, experience, perseverance, and patience demanded are at par. But amidst the chaos and the high expectations, it is equally essential for all the legal minds to maintain their sanity.

Most people confuse having a career with having a life, and then starts the problem.

It is usually said that law is a jealous mistress, it eats you up, leaving no time for your loved ones or yourself. Juggling between work demands and personal life can be overwhelming and stressful. Especially for a lawyer who has to be constantly on their toes and be ahead of the game, work-life balance can seem like a myth.

So here is a  list of things to inculcate

  1. Strike a balance

Striking an effective balance between your personal life and professional life can be strenuous for some. However, maintaining a balance is by far the most important thing to do. An unbalanced life can take a toll on your physical as well as mental well- being. Don’t let your work take over your life, spend time in developing and nurturing your relationships. Meanwhile, take some time out for yourself and get a breathing space.

  1. Reward yourself

Irrespective of everything, do find out time to pamper yourself by doing what you love or whatever makes you happy. Self-care always proves to be alleviating, you can always have a yoga/work-out session, take a spa appointment, this will help you nurture your mind and body. Indulge in a leisure activity that refreshes you. Make a list of what all you enjoy but didn’t have the time and energy to pursue it, follow the list step by step. And most importantly never give up on your hobbies.

  1. What happens in court stays in court

Make sure, you are keeping your work and professional life separate. Set definite boundaries and maintain them. Most legal professionals face trouble as the lawyer in them follows them home, this eventually disrupts the equilibrium. Restrict being the way you are in court with your loved ones; i.e. your arguments should not be a daily dose for them. Do not bring back the load of anything that happened at work. Put your coat down and along with that your aura of a lawyer.

  1. Know when to stop

Listen close to what your body and your relationships are conveying to you. Don’t ignore the warning signs your body has been communicating with you. Recognize and address the need and let everything else take a back seat. You must know when you should stop exerting pressure on yourself, And take some time off. Everyone should set limits, beyond which they won’t allow work or any other issue for that matter to bother them.

  1. Hold on

Doing the same job and following the same routine can be monotonous. This can leave anyone feeling diffident, to overcome this, keep adding more goals to your list. Goals that challenge and motivate you. You might be bashed by your seniors, or lost an argument, but remember it happens to everyone and it is totally normal, everybody goes through it. Even the most successful people were once brought down by somebody.

  1. Realistic goal setting

Unrealistic goals often lead to a feeling of disappointment, hence it is essential to have realistic and achievable goals. One must set S.M.A.R.T. goals. Goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

  1. Attitude matters

How you treat people is a reflection of your persona. Everyone is capable of inspiring some or the other person, so make sure you are humble to the people around you. A positive outlook also gives you power over your circumstances. Holding a positive attitude will lead to your contentment, which will eventually rub off onto people surrounding you as well.

  1. Work smart

Be it your work or personal relationships working smart is beneficial in attaining true success. Hard work is required but smart work maximizes the value of your effort and gives you an edge over others. In the end, it is all about how much you can achieve without putting in too much effort. Finding smarter ways to do a job saves you time and effort.

  1. Have an end day routine

Firstly, say no to superfluous work. Secondly, have an end day routine, where you can wind up work and have clarity about what you did today. Making a list of what was completed and what is to be done the next day, gives clarity and a sense of satisfaction. Having an end day provides closure from work.

  1. Ask for help

Seemingly it is forbidden for lawyers to seek advice, yet it is normal to ask for help when needed. One must not refrain from seeking support. Talk to someone in case your headspace is not clear or if something is bothering you. Talking to a friend or family member can help you to take the weight off your shoulders. Consult a professional in case the stress or anxiety is taking over you.

So all you legal minds out there, give yourself a break and enjoy the quarantine. Eat well, sleep well and treat yourself. Go on frequent vacations to take the heat off your head. Let nothing, I repeat nothing to take away your contentment. Because in the end it is all about the quality of life and finding a balance between work, friends and family.

Believe in yourself and put your best foot forward!

By – Arushi Bhatnagar

The author is a Neuropsychologist.

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