Kinds of disputes that family lawyers can help to settle

By | August 12, 2020
Kinds of disputes that family lawyers can help to settle

Kinds of disputes that family lawyers can help to settle

Family members facing some issues that need legal settlement must take help from family lawyers. The problems could include divorce, child custody and support, guardianship, and family business. The lawyers at Strategic Family Lawyers Townsville[1] often mediate between the parties involved to resolve any family disagreement. Whenever a family confronts any problem in the areas stated above the services of a family lawyer prove highly beneficial. The family lawyer takes care of the legal aspects and brings the parties to the table for discussion and try to reach an amicable settlement.

The family lawyer becomes a family member whom everybody respects and the lawyer can settle the issues out of court, which saves a lot of money and time while protecting relationships. Managing wills and the estate is one of the responsibilities of family lawyers, and by assuming the role of an attorney; family lawyers can represent families in the court.

Let us now look at the roles of the family lawyer.

Divorce proceedings

Family lawyers handle disputes between couples who reach such a point of disagreement when reconciliation becomes impossible, and separation or divorce is unavoidable. Annulment, as the process is known in legal terms, is the nullification of the legal bond of marriage which loses its entire value when quashed. There may be several reasons for annulment, but the most common cause is fraud or deceit like a spouse suppressing an infectious disease, infertility that he or she may be suffering from, or some criminal record or previous divorce gone through. One partner can seek help from a family lawyer to represent his or her case in court or reach at some out of court settlement.

Spouse support and alimony

While the divorce is in progress, the family lawyer can work out some means of spousal support by way of alimony for one of the spouses which the judge might entertain until completion of the divorce proceedings. The purpose of alimony is to support the spouse financially and allow them to lead their own life until the settlement of the divorce suit which might even stipulate continuance of the support depending on the circumstances and the economic condition of the beneficiary.

Child custody

Anyone who has gone through a divorce might file a suit seeking the legal guardianship of the child, which in legal terms is known as child custody[2].  The process describes the practical and legal relationship between the parent and child. It confers the rights to the parent to raise, care for and make decisions on the child’s behalf, which includes the aspects of control and maintenance too. The family lawyer represents the parent in court to help in gaining custody of the child by the parent.

Family business

The family lawyer can help in settling disputes among family members for taking control of the family business. The lawyer will mediate among the family members and try to settle by looking after the interest of all parties.  They can create the necessary legal documents to define the legal rights of the parties.

To get your family matters back on track, consult a family lawyer.



Authored by: Kelly Wilson

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