Muslim Law – Case Laws, Notes And Study Material

By | August 14, 2018
Muslim Law

The course is designed to discuss in Muslim Law in detail. The Muslims are governed by Muslim Personal law. The personal laws play a vital role in governing the conflicting interest of the individuals. In India in personal matters, there is no national or regional law. Personal law of a person is not determined by his domicile or his nationality but by his membership of the community to which he belongs.

Module 1: Introduction

Module II: Marriage

Module III: Mahr (Dower)

Module IV: Dissolution of Marriage

  • Essentials of Talaq
  • Modes of Talaq
  • Judicial Separation under The Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, 1939
  • Distinction between Shia & Sunni Law of Divorce

Module V: Maintenance

  • Maintenance to Muslim Wife
  • Divorced Wife’s Right to Maintenance under Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, 1986
  • Maintenance to Muslim Children

Module VI: Guardianship 

  • Meaning, Appointment and Removal of Guardianship
  • Kinds of guardianship – guardianship in marriage, person and property

Module 7: Property and Maintenance

  • Concept of property under Islamic Law, Hiba, Wakfs.
  • Islamic Rules of Intestate succession, sharers, residuaries and Kinders, Doctrine of Radd and Aul.
  • Principles of Inheritance under Muslim Law (Sunni Law)

Important articles and study material on Muslim Law – Click on the link to Read

  1. Dower or Mahr
  2. Examining Triple Talaq – meaning, nature, truth and myths
  3. Who is a Minor?
  4. Minor and Guardianship
  5. Guardianship of the Property
  6. Guardianship for Marriage and apostasy of marriage – guardian
  7. Maintenance of wife and children
  8. Hiba/Gift
  9. Inheritance
  10. Pre-emption (Shuffa) under Muslim Law – Concept, Rights and Effect
  11. Manager of a Wakf: Mutawalli – Appointment, Duty, Power and Removal
  12. Wakf under Muslim Law: Concept, Creation, Control and Registration

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