Muslim Law – Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

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Muslim Law

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The course is designed to discuss Muslim Law in detail. The Muslims are governed by Muslim Personal law. The personal laws play a vital role in governing the conflicting interest of individuals. In India in personal matters, there is no national or regional law. Personal law of a person is not determined by his domicile or his nationality but by his membership of the community to which he belongs.

Important articles and study material on Muslim Law – Click on the link to Read

Module 1: Introduction

  1. Introduction to Muslim Law
  2. Historical Development of Muslim Law
  3. Schools of Muslim Law
  4. Sources of Muslim Law in India
  5. Ten Landmark Cases on Muslim Law
  6. Major Changes Made To Muslim Law By Legislative Interventions

Module II: Marriage

  1. Definition, Nature and Scope of Muslim Marriage (Nikah)
  2. Difference between Hindu & Muslim Marriage
  3. Essential Conditions of Muslim Marriage
  4. Classification of Muslim Marriage
  5. Distinction between Shia & Sunni Law of Marriage

Module III: Mahr (Dower)

  1. Concept of Dower
  2. Types of Dower
  3. Remission of Dower
  4. Enforcement of Right to Dower

Module IV: Dissolution of Marriage

  1. Talaq in Muslim Personal Law: Introduction, Modes Essentials, And Recent Developments
  2. Judicial Separation under Muslim Law
  3. Distinction Between Shia and Sunni Law of Divorce

Module V: Maintenance

  1. Maintenance to Muslim Wife
  2. Maintenance of Muslim Children

Module VI: Guardianship 

  1. Minor and Guardianship: Meaning, Appointment and Removal
  2. Kinds of guardianship – guardianship in marriage, person and property

Module VII: Property and Maintenance

  1. Concept of property under Islamic Law
  2. Islamic Rules of Intestate succession
  3. Doctrine of Radd and Aul
  4. Principles of Inheritance under Muslim Law (Sunni Law)

Other articles 

  1. Dower or Mahr
  2. Guardianship of the Property
  3. Guardianship for Marriage and apostasy of marriage – guardian
  4. Maintenance of wife and children
  5. Hiba/Gift
  6. Inheritance 
  7. Pre-emption (Shuffa) under Muslim Law – Concept, Rights and Effect
  8. Manager of a Wakf: Mutawalli – Appointment, Duty, Power and Removal
  9. Wakf under Muslim Law: Concept, Creation, Control and Registration

Muslim Law Mains Question Answer Series: Important Questions for Judiciary, APO & University Exams

  1. Muslim Law Mains Question Answer Series Part – I of X

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