Muslim Law

By | August 14, 2018
Muslim Law Notes

India is a country which abounds in personal laws. Every religious community in personal matters is governed by its own laws. Of all systems of law, the Muslim law furnishes the most interesting phenomenon of growth. The small beginnings from which it grew up and the comparatively short span of time within it attained its wonderful development, marks its position as one of the most important judicial systems in the civilized world.

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  1. Dower or Mahr
  2. Examining Triple Talaq – meaning, nature, truth and myths
  3. Who is a Minor under Muslim Law?
  4. Minor and Guardianship
  5. Guardianship of the Property
  6. Guardianship for Marriage and apostasy of marriage – guardian
  7. Maintenance of wife and children under Muslim Law
  8. Hiba – Gift under Muslim Law
  9. Inheritance under Muslim Law
  10. Pre-emption (Shuffa) under Muslim Law – Concept, Rights and Effect
  11. Manager of a Wakf: Mutawalli – Appointment, Duty, Power and Removal
  12. Wakf under Muslim Law: Concept, Creation, Control and Registration

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