Law school problems are one of the most serious issues for a law student. This article titled “How to Solve Law School Problems” enlists the problems faced by a law student and ways to solve the same. It ranges from problems regarding studies to that of emotional well-being. Homesickness  For many students, hostel lives happen for the first… Read More »

Law school problems are one of the most serious issues for a law student. This article titled “How to Solve Law School Problems” enlists the problems faced by a law student and ways to solve the same. It ranges from problems regarding studies to that of emotional well-being.


For many students, hostel lives happen for the first time. As a result, people get homesick and emotionally depressed being to have to live far away from his/her own family. Most of the time what students do is isolate themselves from their new friends and keep them locked in their rooms or keep thinking about home all alone. This in itself is a huge mistake. If at all you are feeling homesick or you are feeling emotionally down living away from your parents and family, then talk to people about it. The more you talk to people the more you let your grief out you will feel lighter and emotionally more relaxed. Talking it out with a licensed mental health professional online from BetterHelp’s therapy services may also help you work through how you’re feeling.

Remember one thing you are not the only one who is staying away from your family for the first time. At least 2/3rds of students around you are doing the same. By making the conversation to them you are not only relaxing mentally but you are also helping the other person who is facing these types of problems. And what’s there as a bonus is that you can make some good friends for your life.


There can be many different kinds of problems with studies. A college education is very different from schooling. In schools, we generally used to have recommended books for all subjects which used to buy and also, we knew whatever portion of the books we will have to read. In short, we knew everything and we had a clear idea from where and what part we will have to read and from which books.

In law college, you will not have any pre-defined default book to study from, you will have to read more than one book and see which book suits your understanding and if it explains the topic in question more elaborately than the other books. So, you will have to make a habit of reading a lot of books. In the process, it will help you a lot as it will explain to your different sides of a given topic from a different point of views as different authors will explain a matter from their own point of views.

But since law books are usually highly expensive it is advisable to read them from the library or from an electronic source rather than buying multiple books on the same subject.

And since there are a lot of books available on a particular topic and it is hard to know which book is the best you can discuss with your friends who have already read a particular book and then decide which book you should be reading and which suits your understanding.

But if you do not have enough time to read more than one book for a particular topic, then you can always ask your seniors or teachers for advice.


Maintaining class notes is one of the best ways to keep track of whatever is going on in the class. Make it a habit of noting down everything the professor say in class. This is another aspect that is not encouraged in most schools. In schools, we had dictations which we used to note down in our notebooks. In college there will be discussion, the professor is going to discuss on a particular topic. The main difference is that he will not stop for you to write. So, it will take a bit of effort as you will try to write fast as well as try to recall what he said but once you have made it a habit, it will be very easy. This will also help you learn to write fast, to some extent.


As mentioned earlier there will be classroom discussions. There will be many opportunities for you to put forward your opinion about a topic and it is highly important that you do that. The more you take part in the discussion the more you will be able to gain from the class. It will not only increase your knowledge about the topic but also help you gain good speaking and listening skills.


Take part in competitions debates and other things organised intra-university or inter-university. One of the common mistakes people do is they do not take part in things thinking that it’s just their first year and they will have enough time or they think that they are not interested in them. But always remember that you will have to remember that you have to take part in the competitions at least once to know if you are interested in them or not. Trying once will not cause you time waste but rather it can change your view greatly even if you really do not really like it, you will be able to learn something new for sure. Another important thing is that the more junior you are the more is your chance to take part in competitions and co-curricular because the more senior you will get, the less time you will have to take part in those things.


As a law student, you should be able to determine your area of interest quickly and be confirmed of what you want to do in life. Once you are clear of what you want to do, you will be able to do your internships in that way. Generally speaking, if you want to be a corporate lawyer or practice under a senior lawyer at a court, then you will have to try to get law firms internships more or if you want to take judiciary or you want to take UPSC or Civil Services then you can slack off a bit in terms of internships and utilize the time for preparation of those exams. But these are just suggestions, the main point is that you need to plan your internships and other things in a way that suits your area of interest the most.

Moreover, internships are places where you can make a lot of important connections. Maintain decency and formality, remain conscious of your acts and do your best to complete the given tasks. Another minor thing that people get scared of is interviews. Internship interviews are nothing like job interviews, they are just basic question-answer sessions where not many technical questions are asked, general questions regarding the area of interest of a student is only asked and sometimes they may ask why you want to do that particular internship. So, do not think of leaving a good internship just because you are scared of the interview part.

If you are confused over which types of internships you should do then the best thing is to consult a senior or a teacher for that matter. Another solution is LinkedIn, it’s a social media application where you can follow a person and check his or her bio. This way you will get a basic idea of what things you will have to do if you also want to achieve the same or similar goal. In LinkedIn, you can also talk to that person in case you have something to ask.


Other problems regarding law school include food. A sudden change in climate and water can decrease appetite to a great extent and it requires time for the body to adapt to the changes. So, for students who have to go to another state for law school, it can be a problem. Food habits may be a problem, but nowadays law schools are having food in such a way that they suit everyone’s taste. They take into account that the students in their college are from different states. So, that should not be a problem.

If you have a problem, I think the most efficient solution is to talk to the overseeing authority. A common and big mistake done by students is that they stop eating in the ‘mess’ and start buying stuff and eating them from the canteen or from the outside. This can deteriorate your health conditions rapidly and since the body becomes more tired because its constantly trying to adapt to the new situation, you actually need more nutritious and safe food. Moreover, packet foods are packed with preservatives which are bad for our health.

Committees, Societies and Centres

Every college has its own committees, societies and centres, pick up a subject of interest and join the concerned committees, societies and centres. This will help develop your research skills by keeping you involved in research year-long. These committees, societies and centres also sometimes organise events and seminars etc. those will also give you a very big learning experience.


Class hours are very important, pay attention to classes and take notes of whatever the professor discusses. Almost 50 per cent of your studies will be done if you listen to the classes properly. Don’t be shy to take part in classroom discussions.

It’s best if you ask your doubts to your teachers in the class but if for some reason you could not do so you can always approach the teacher later on in her chamber or in case the teacher is not available to ask a senior or discuss it with your friends. As of sports try to get yourself involved in at least one sport. This will serve to keep you healthy as well as this will keep your mind clear and will increase your concentration.

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