Intellectual Property Rights | Notes, Cases & Study Material

By | April 18, 2020
Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights has proved itself to be invaluable in all senses in the socio-economic fields in the world. It has gained immense popularity in the recent past. It is what motivates people to create and innovate. Things that are governed by Intellectual property laws are creations of the mind.

Important articles and study material on Property Law – Click on the link to Read

Module: 1 

  1. Basic Concept of Intellectual Property (IPR)
  2. Characteristics and Nature Of Intellectual Property Rights
  3. Justifications for the Protection of IP Rights | Explained
  4. 5 Leading Cases of Intellectual Property Rights
  5. Major International Instruments | Intellectual Property

Module: 2

  1. Introduction to Copyright
  2. Difference between Trademark and Design Registration
  3. Trade Secret: Meaning and Criteria for Protection
  4. Plagiarism in the Cyberspace | Copyright and Cyber Law

Module: 3

  1. Honest Concurrent User of Trademarks
  2. Grounds for Refusal to Register a Trademark | Explained
  3. Designs Law in India: Introduction, Meaning and Case Laws
  4. Piracy of Registered Designs: Grounds of Defence and Passing Off
  5. Law Relating To Piracy Of Designs In India

5 thoughts on “Intellectual Property Rights | Notes, Cases & Study Material

  1. Jean Johnson

    My ex-boyfriend constructed a steel shelter and installed an electric gate on my property…Is that considered immovable property? and does he have the right to remove them without my consent?

    1. Hritik

      Being an immovable property or not, is never a question of the subject matter, but the fact which is subjective is that he did that on your property without your consent, which may subject to trespass, and nuisance.

  2. yaadvi dhawan

    There is a rising requirement for enterprises and experts to methodically consider the means required for ensuring, overseeing, and authorizing intellectual property rights, to get the most ideal business results from its proprietorship. These study material gives an understanding of the laws identified with intellectual property and the organization of these laws.


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