Legal Bites ranked among the Top 20 Dispute Resolution Blogs

By | November 23, 2019
top 20 Dispute Resolution Blogs

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This article corresponds to the featuring of Legal Bites among top 20 Dispute Resolution Blogs by Feedspot. It is an honour to be attributed to the 11th position among thousands of dispute resolution blogs that have embarked on a constant journey to educate and empower.

Why is this is a Significant achievement?

The analysis includes a conceptualisation of potential through an exhaustive anatomisation using search and social metrics. The only Indian website to be given a prominent position, Legal Bites is obligated with an overwhelming optimism to promote substantial updates and pertinent information.

The increased amount of outreach and rightful effectiveness in communication has made an accomplishment

Who are the contenders?

Our contenders have been associated with a worldwide network of journalists and specialist edition, safeguarding the public and personal interests. The proximity with esteemed bloggers like Thomson Reuters, Kingsley Napley and Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law School, has brought forth an essential prospect of academic prestige.

The pattern of ranking has been seriously designed on the basis of relevancy, the practice of negotiation, frequency of posts and independent insight.

Why were we chosen?

At Legal Bites, we perpetually strive to produce what is relevant and scholastic. Our quality and consistency build a rapport between the information provided and its susceptibility. We strive for strategic reasoning in the transition of content according to the demand and applicability has demonstrated continuity of cognitive performance.

We thank our readers and contributors for their ceaseless support and trust in us. This incremental faith drives us into laying forward a more positive approach towards delivering competence and emphasizing appropriate influence.

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