Environmental Laws – Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

By | August 10, 2018
Environmental Laws

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The environment is the wellspring of life on earth. Environmental laws have assumed greater importance in the past few decades because of climate change and global warming. However, the concept of environmental protection and preservation is not new. It has been intrinsic to many ancient civilizations. Ancient Indian texts highlight that it is the dharma of each individual in society to protect nature. The ancient Hindu text Atharvaveda states:

“What of thee I dig out, let that quickly grow over”.

Legal Bites has created the best study material on environmental laws on the internet. The three modules of this course will help readers get an in-depth knowledge of topics ranging from the Environmental Protection Act, 1986 to the National Green Tribunal Act, 2010. The study material also provides an excellent analysis of wide-ranging environmental issues as well as both Indian and international environmental laws. Keep reading to find out more.

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Module I

  1. Protection of Environment in the Ancient Indian and Medieval Period
  2. Protection of Environment During the British Period: Major Legislations
  3. Protection of the Environment Post-Independence
  4. Future Environmental Law Challenges: A Perspective
  5. Development and Environment: The Conflict of Interest
  6. 20 Landmark Cases relating to Environmental Laws in India

Module II

  1. Nature and Scope of Environment laws
  2. Environmental Protection Act, 1986 In A Nutshell
  3. Environmental Protection under the Indian Constitution
  4. Fundamental Right To a Clean and Healthy Environment
  5. Right to a Wholesome Environment
  6. Public Awareness and its Contribution towards the Prevention of Environmental Degradation in India

Module III

  1. Environmental Impact Assessment | Explained
  2. Fundamental Principles of International Environment Law
  3. National Green Tribunal Act, 2010; An Overview
  4. Natural Resources Accounting; All You Need To Know

Module IV

  1. Environmental Justice, Equity and Governance
  2. Water (Prevention And Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 – Bare Act
  3. The Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 – Bare Act
  4. Law of Torts & Environment
  5. Law of Crimes & Environment
  6. Role of Indian Judiciary in the evolution of Environmental Jurisprudence
  7. Absolute Liability: A journey from Strict Liability
  8. Polluter Pays Principle: An Economic Or A Legal Principle?

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