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International Law is composed of the rules, principles and laws of general application that deal with the conduct of nation-states and international organizations among themselves as well as the relationships between nation-states and international organizations with persons, whether natural or juridical.

Legal Bites' study material on international law is divided into three modules consisting of detailed and analytical articles on the basic principles of international law and several case studies. Additionally, a miscellaneous collection of well-researched and informative articles has been provided towards the end of this course. It covers a variety of topics like international maritime laws, citizenship and nationality rules, dispute resolution laws, war treaties, the International Court of Justice, etc.

Completing this course will make readers well-versed in international law and help them prepare for national and international moot court competitions and university-level exams.

Important articles and study material on International Law – Click on the links to Read

Module I

  1. International Law: Definition and Types
  2. Sources of International Law
  3. A Study of the Principle of Pacta Sunt Servanda
    under International Law
  4. Extradition and Asylum: Concept and Important Case Laws

Important Books and Practice Tests (Must Have)

  1. International Law and Human Rights By H.O. Aggarwal
  2. International Law by Malcolm N. Shaw
  3. 1000+ Detailed Questions MCQ Test Series for Competitions (Redirect to Law Aspirants)

Module II

  1. Important Doctrines Related to International Law
  2. Jus in Bello Jus ad Bellum
  3. Principle of Jus Cogens under International Law
  4. Gender Skewed Nature of International Law with special emphasis on Jus Cogens
  5. Protection Of Marine Life: Protecting Unattended Biodiversity Destruction And Legal Aspects

Module III

  1. Case Study: Asylum Case (Colombia v. Peru), [1950] ICJ 6
  2. Case Study: Republic of Nicaragua v. United States of America (1986)
  3. Case Analysis: Right of Passage over Indian Territory (Portugal v. India)
  4. International Laws on Espionage & the Case of Kulbhushan Jhadav

Other Important Articles

  1. International Humanitarian Law (IHL) - Conventions and Protocols
  2. Subjects Of International Law
  3. Recognition of State – Its Implication, Modes and Necessity
  4. Nationality, Citizenship and Statelessness
  5. Aliens – Admission, Expulsion and Rights under International Law
  6. Law of The Sea – History, Evolution and Provisions
  7. Maritime Zones
  8. Territorial Sea – Meaning, Breadth and the Rights of States
  9. Continental Shelf – Meaning, Principle and Case Laws
  10. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)
  11. War under International Law
  12. Principle of Non-Refoulement
  13. DISARMAMENT – Meaning, Efforts, Notable Treaties and Position of India
  14. Settlement of Disputes
  15. Means For The Settlement Of International Disputes
  16. International Court of Justice – ICJ
  17. Composition And Jurisdictions Of the International Court Of Justice
  18. International Terrorism: Causes And Remedies – by Saumya Tripathi

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