Interpretation Of Statutes

By | August 13, 2018
Interpretation Of Statutes

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It means the art of finding out the true sense of an enactment by giving the words of the enactment, their natural and ordinary meaning. The object of interpretation of statutes is to determine the intention of the legislature conveyed expressly or impliedly in the language used. As stated by SALMOND, “by interpretation or construction is meant, the process by which the courts seek to ascertain the meaning of the legislature through the medium of authoritative forms in which it is expressed.”

Important articles and study material on Interpretation Of Statutes – Click on the link to Read

  1. Introduction, Meaning and Nature of Interpretation
  2. Rules of Interpretation
  3. Principles of Constitutional Interpretation
  4. Internal Aids To Construction
  5. External Aids To Construction
  6. Rules Of Construction
  7. Operation Of Statutes
  8. Important Maxims related to Interpretation of Statutes

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