Legal Bites brings to you Constitutional Law Mains Questions Series Part-VIII.

Legal Bites brings to you Constitutional Law Mains Questions Series Part-VIII. The questions enlisted here are arranged section-wise and will aid the students in preparing for Judiciary, APO or University Exams. The list of questions curated by Legal Bites will help candidates identify the important and frequently asked questions and give them good practice for their aptitude and knowledge.

Constitutional Law Mains Questions Series Part-VIII

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Constitutional Law Mains Questions Series Part-VIII of X

Question 1

Explain ‘Rule against Bias’. Discuss the various types of ‘Bias. Cite decided cases, where necessary. [BJS 2017]

Question 2

Discuss the nature and the characteristics of Administrative Tribunals. [BJS 2017]

Question 3

Discuss with the help of decided cases the protection that Article 311 accords to Civil Services. [BJS 1975]

Question 4

Discuss critically the provisions in the Constitution of India guaranteeing protection to Civil Servants. A is a Constable in the India Police Force. On receipt of information, an enquiry is held, by his superior officer Y, into charges of corruption and dishonesty against him and ultimately, A’s case is sent for final disposal to a Tribunal specially appointed to deal with such cases. Y in the meantime is appointed a member of this Tribunal. The Tribunal decides against A, chiefly on the basis of his previous report and he is dismissed from service. He approaches you for advice. Please draft your advice. [BJS 1979]

Question 5

Write an essay on Constitutional protection to civil servants [BJS 1984]

Question 6

Write a critical essay on Protection to civil servants against arbitrary dismissal. [BJS 1986]

Question 7

Can the services of a permanent civil servant be dispensed with, without complying with the requirement of Article 311? Give reasons for your answer. [BJS 1991]

Question 8

According to one of the Service Rules, the services of a government employee may be terminated after giving him three months’ notice. Discuss the constitutional validity of this rule. [BJS 1991]

Question 9

What rights are guaranteed to persons holding civil posts under the Constitution of India? [RJS 1986]

Question 10

Who appoints a member of the Union Public Service Commission? [RJS 1988]

Question 11

Write a short note on the Doctrine of Pleasure and the concept of reasonable opportunity of hearing in the Constitution of India. [RJS 2014]

Question 12

What are the legal and constitutional remedies against violation of Article 311 of the Constitution? Whether departmental proceedings can be held against a Government Servant relating to the same charge after he has been exonerated at a previous proceeding? Discuss. [MPJS 2010]

Question 13

The State Government passed an order of compulsory retirement stating that the employee is not fit for work. Does the order amount to punishment or not? Give reasons for your answer with the help of decided cases. [UPJS 2013]

Question 14

What do you know by Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe? Describe the procedure for their ascertainment and how they are included in the appropriate list/orders. [MPJS 2013]

Question 15

What is meant by ‘Proclamation of Emergency’? Also, discuss the various effects of such a Proclamation made under Article 352(1). [BJS 2017]

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Question 16

Explain what is meant by the expression “Failure of constitutional machinery in a state under Article 356 of the Constitution of India”. Which situation will fall and which will not fall within the expression? Explain. [BJS 2000, UPJS 2015]

Question 17

“Emergency power is a grand final and crowning glory of the most reactionary chapter of the Constitution. Comment. [MS 1984]

Question 18

Critically examine the provisions of Article 356 of the Constitution. Would you subscribe to the view that the power to impose a President’s rule in a State is the most misused provision of the Constitution? Give examples in support of your answer. [BJS 1987]

Question 19

Discuss the effects of the proclamation of a national emergency. [BJS 2006]

Question 20

Who can proclaim the Emergency? Describe the effect of the proclamation of Emergency. [MPJS 2011]

Constitutional Law; Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

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