In Conversation with Dr. Anmol Rattan Sidhu, Senior Advocate

By | June 27, 2017
Dr Anmol Rattan Sidhu

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Dr. Anmol Rattan Sidhu is a Senior Advocate at Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh. He has served as Assistant Solicitor General of India from 2008 – 2014. He has also served the country as a Special Public Prosecutor (C.B.I). Dr. Rattan completed his Masters in Law from Punjab University then earned his Doctorate from the same university. Besides practising, he has been involved in various social, educational and legal activities at the local level, as well as at National Level. Recently Legal Bites got an opportunity to interview him.

Here’s an excerpt of the Conversation with Dr. Anmol Rattan Sidhu

Legal Bites: Sir, please describe the feeling when you were first appointed as the ASG of India. And what measures should a student of Law take to achieve such valuable positions in his/her career?

Anmol Rattan Sidhu: It was a great feeling to hold such a prestigious post. It is the feeling that one gets after years of hard work. With this post, I was even tensed since the holding this post demanded more hard work and vigour. But Yes! Experience matters and that helped a lot in handling the post efficiently.

It is just hard work. One can only excel in his career by doing hard work which is the only option that cannot be substituted.

Legal Bites: Where does India stand globally in terms of political harmony with the judiciary? Is it possible that although separate, yet, the bodies that run the nation are quite submerged in each other’s affairs? Please throw some light on such an intervention by either of the 3 bodies in terms of their Separation of Powers.

Anmol Rattan Sidhu: In my view, India is the best example of Independent judiciary and federal system. I have been involved in public and political life for a considerable period now and with understanding up till now I have realized that within this short period of 69 years of Independence we have managed to run the nation in harmony and this would have been not possible if the three bodies were not working in tandem.

Legal Bites: In your opinion, do you think the present government is perfect in its approach towards making India a developed nation? Does the central govt. need to bring better reforms to transform the state into a Developed Country?

Anmol Rattan Sidhu: I would reserve my comments on such a platform in political matters. Politics, in democracy, is basically the will of people. Results of coming 2019 elections will prove that whether there was development or not.

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                                                                                                Dr. Anmol Rattan with Lakshay Anand (LB Interview)

Legal Bites: Can we say that India is impatient in terms of understanding the need for a broader and fresher approach towards ideologies and philosophies of living?

Anmol Rattan Sidhu: Impatient may not be the right word. Procrastination has been a childhood habit for us. I sincerely believe that one fine day India will rise above all proving to world that fresh may not always be better, Values and principles are more essential for a better living.

Legal Bites: Please convey a short message of advice for the budding lawyers of this generation.

Anmol Rattan Sidhu: Your work is your religion and one must worship his religion with utmost dedication, pride and honor.

Legal Bites: Thank you Sir.

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