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Human Rights are basic rights that have been guaranteed to all human beings. They are essential and inalienable rights. Legal Bites provides you with study material on human rights.

Rights of a Muslim Woman in Today’s World

This article by Eshanee Bhattacharya focuses on the Rights of a Muslim Woman in Today’s World. Read it only at Legal Bites. I. Introduction The three wheels of the international forum are LPG – Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization. These three phenomena have dramatically changed the lives of both men and women around the globe. Rapid social change, higher… Read More »

Protection of Witnesses: A Need of the Hour

The present article, therefore, discusses the need for protection of witnesses, safeguarding their rights in any criminal justice system, with a special focus on the efficacy of the Witness Protection Scheme, 2018.  The Indian Criminal Justice System protects the fundamental rights and freedoms of its citizens as guaranteed under the Constitution of India, by enforcing the law and… Read More »

Crime against Children: Issues, Challenges, and Perspectives

Crime against children in any form is dirt on society that needs to be curbed at any cost. The present article provides a detailed discussion on the persisting problem of crime against children. The article deals with the context, issues behind, and perspectives on the crime against children, with a special focus on the current Indian scenario. In… Read More »

Protection of rights of victims in Criminal Justice System

The present article elaborately discusses the rights of victims in the Criminal Justice System, with a special focus on the Indian scenario. The victimology movement, which has recently been seen to emerge in many parts of the world, suggests making victims a crucial part of the criminal justice system by giving them equal opportunities to be heard at… Read More »

The Human Rights of Under Trial Prisoners in India

In this article, the human rights of Under Trial Prisoners in India are discussed in detail. In India, the government took various measures in the post-colonial period to reform prison institutions to correctional institution and to equally promote the rights of the prisoners in the country. However, the treatment of under trial prisoners is still not satisfactory in… Read More »

Universalism and Cultural Relativism: Understanding the clash of human rights ideas

The Doctrine of Cultural Relativism represents moral rules, social institutions evidence, and astonishing cultural and historical variability. Being an undeniable fact, cultural relativity holds that at least some of such variations are exempted from legitimate criticism by outsiders. The doctrine is strongly supported by notions of self-determination and communal autonomy. Since human rights are vested with everyone simply… Read More »

The Problems With The Legal Characterization Of Sex: A Critique of the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act of 2019

The author of the article critiques the contentious Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019, and its failure to usher in gender-inclusivity in India. I. Introduction “There is no one way to be transgender. . . there is no prototypical transgender experience. “[1] The most obvious way of physically demarcating between sex and gender is by understanding sex… Read More »

An ‘ELSI Approach’ To Human Rights In India

This article takes a look at the evolution of Human Rights in India using the ‘ELSI Approach’ i.e. ethical, legal and social implications. Introduction The subject of human rights has always been a very crucial pillar for any rights-based government. This set of rights gives every person basic dignity and value, showcasing the requisite of a lawful and… Read More »