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The Problems With The Legal Characterization Of Sex: A Critique of the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act of 2019

The author of the article critiques the contentious Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019, and its failure to usher in gender-inclusivity in India. I. Introduction “There is no one way to be transgender. . . there is no prototypical transgender experience. “[1] The most obvious way of physically demarcating between sex and gender is by understanding sex… Read More »

An ‘ELSI Approach’ To Human Rights In India

This article takes a look at the evolution of Human Rights in India using the ‘ELSI Approach’ i.e. ethical, legal and social implications. Introduction The subject of human rights has always been a very crucial pillar for any rights-based government. This set of rights gives every person basic dignity and value, showcasing the requisite of a lawful and… Read More »

Generations of Human Rights: Explained

This article deals with various generations of Human Rights. Human Rights is a general term and it specifically denotes Civil rights, Civil liberties, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. These rights cannot be taken by any legislature or act of government. These rights are important for the physical, spiritual and moral development of an individual. Generations of Human Rights… Read More »

Custodial Death and Abuse of Power, A Human Right Violation: Indian And International Perspective

Custodial Death and Abuse of Power has been synonymous with human rights violations in India, since the British period, when Indian Imperial Police was established in 1905. Whereas Police Force is expected to be the most accessible, interactive and dynamic organisation in the administrative structure of any society. Recent incidents across the globe have revealed a grim reality… Read More »

United Nations Charter: History, Objective & Important Provisions

The United Nations Charter consists of 19 Chapters and 111 Articles. The Charter deals with the rights and obligations of member states and establishes the procedures of the United Nations. The article mentions the history, objective, members of the UN Charter and discusses the important provisions under the charter. I. Introduction The UN Charter is the constitutive instrument… Read More »

United Nations Human Rights Council – Overview and Function

This article deals with the origin of Human Rights Council, reformation of commission to council, complaint procedure, functions and its strengthening process. The Human Rights Council is an inter-governmental body within the United Nations system responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe and addressing the situation of human rights violations. I. Introduction… Read More »

Human Rights in India: History & Development

Evolution of Human Rights in India can be traced back to the fifteenth century B.C from Vedas. Traditionally Human rights are known as “natural rights of man” which includes life, liberty and happiness of the people. Introduction Human rights are the basic rights which are very important for the peaceful survival of human beings in all parts of… Read More »

Meaning and Concept of Human Rights

Meaning and Concept of Human Rights | Overview Introduction of Human Rights Sociological Concept of Human Rights Political Concept of Human Rights Human Rights in Corporate World International Human Rights Meaning and concept of human rights have been evolved and refined over some time all over the globe. The historical agreement, Magna Carta, is considered to be the… Read More »

Vulnerable Groups and Human Rights

Introduction There is a certain group of a human being which either by nature or because of deep-rooted custom are weak and vulnerable, such as a child, women, disabled persons, aged persons, migrant workers or persons belonging to a particular race. However, they were a human being possesses a human right and fundamental freedom. But their rights have… Read More »