Cyber law is fundamentally the branch of law that deals with legal issues related to the use of information technology.

Cyber law is fundamentally the branch of law that deals with legal issues related to the use of information technology. It essentially encompasses laws relating to electronic and digital signatures, cybercrime, cybersecurity, intellectual property, data protection and privacy. The governing mechanisms and legal structures that oversee electronic commerce in India also fall within the domain of cyber law.

As the number of internet users is on the rise, the need for cyber laws and their application has also gathered great momentum.

Legal Bites brings you the best study material to understand the fundamentals of cyber law. The course has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of budding cyber lawyers and cybersecurity experts. The three modules of this course will help readers master the technicalities of cyber and information technology laws. The study material also focuses on the key aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, e-contracts and e-governance.

Important Articles and Study Material on Cyber And Information Technology Law – Click on the links to Read:

Module I: Introduction to Cyber Space and Cyber Law

  1. Cyber Space: Meaning, Regulation and Scope
  2. Distinction Between Conventional Crime And Cyber Crime
  3. Cyber Law: The Information Technology Law and its Application
  4. The Information Technology Law: Important Definitions
  5. Jurisdictional Issues in Cyber Space

Module II: Electronic Contracts

  1. E-Commerce and E-Contracts: Overview And Analysis
  2. Technical and Legal issues in electronic contracts
  3. Electronic Contracts: Enforceability, Security and Privacy Issues
  4. Digital Signature: Concept, Object and Usage
  5. A General Overview of Data Privacy in India

Module III: Intellectual Property Rights in Cyber Space

  1. Trademark issues in Cyber Space
  2. Copyright Issues in Cyberspace
  3. Right to be Forgotten: Case Study: Google Spain v. AEPD and Mario Costeja Gonzalez
  4. Copyright and its Subject Matter
  5. Copyright Infringement
  6. Doctrine of Fair Dealing: Meaning, importance and Case Laws
  7. Copyright Protection in the Cyberspace within the IT Act, 2000

Module IV: Cyber Crime

  1. Cyber Crimes and their types
  2. International Legal Regime relating to Cyber Crimes
  3. Cyberbullying Laws in India
  4. Cyber Activism: An Infoxication
  5. Child Pornography – A Menace
  6. Plagiarism in the Cyberspace

Other Articles

  1. Strengthening Cyber Security and Data Protection in India: An Analysis of Legal Frameworks and Case Studies

  2. Information Technology Act, 2000 (with Amendments)
  3. Digital Signature and Electronic Signature
  4. E-Governance
  5. Technology and Cyber Legal Challenges

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