Indian Legal System

By | August 12, 2018
Indian Legal System

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The various acts, legislation, rules, and procedure in the country today are derived from various charters passed by the Britishers, who ruled India for around 300 years. Various charters were passed by them so as to govern the then British India properly and the various laws derive its source from them. The first charter passed was passed by Queen Elizabeth I of England which allowed the London merchants to trade in the countries of East India. And after that various charters had been passed by the British government till the final charter of Indian Independence Act, 1947. The Indian Legal System is very rich and witnesses many acts and charters.

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  1. Constitutional History of India
  2. Reforms Of Conrnwallis
  3. The Mayor’s Court
  4. Abolition Of Dual Judicial System
  5. The Adalat System
  6. The Advocates Act, 1961
  7. Establishment Of High Courts
  8. Nyaya Panchayats
  9. Growth Of Legal Profession In India
  10. The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987

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