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Property Law- The Transfer of Property Act came into existence in 1882. Before that, the transfer of immovable property was governed by English law and equity principles. This Act deals with the transfer of property inter vivos, i.e., a transfer between living persons. It contains the transfer of both movable and immovable property, but a major portion of the enactment applies to the transfers of immovable properties only.

Legal Bites' study material on the property laws of India is divided into six modules and an additional section containing related articles. The Transfer of Property Act and its provisions and basic concepts related to property laws have been explained systematically.

Apart from the sale and transfer of property, the course will also help students learn about property laws in the context of mortgage, lease and gifting.

Important articles and study material on Property Law – Click on the link to Read

Module 1: Concept of Property and General Principles Regarding Transfer Of Property:

  1. Transfer of Property Act: Introduction and Important Definitions
  2. Transferable Property
  3. 1000+ Detailed Questions MCQ Test Series for Competitions (Redirect to Law Aspirants)
  4. Restraints on Alienation
  5. Transfer to an Unborn Person
  6. Rule against Perpetuity
  7. Vested and Contingent Interest
  8. Conditional transfer

Important Books and Practice Tests (Must Have)

  1. EBC's Law of Transfer of Property by Vepa P. Sarathi, Mallika Taly
  2. 1000+ Detailed Questions MCQ Test Series for Competitions (Redirect to Law Aspirants)

Module 2: General Principles Governing Transfer of Immovable Property

  1. Doctrine of Priority
  2. Transfer by Ostensible Owner
  3. Rule of Estoppel
  4. Doctrine of Lis Pendens
  5. Fraudulent transfer
  6. Rule of Part Performance
  7. Actionable Claim

Module 3: Sale

  1. Sale of Immovable Property: Explained As Under TPA, 1882
  2. Right and liabilities of buyer and seller
  3. Encumbrances And Court Sale

Module 4: Mortgage

  1. Mortgage: Meaning, Explanation And Kinds
  2. Rights and Liabilities of Mortgagor and Mortgagee
  3. Marshalling, Contribution and Subrogation
  4. Charge on Property As Explained Under Transfer of Property Act

Module 5: Lease

  1. Lease: Introduction, Concept, Essentials and Conditional Leases
  2. Rights and Liabilities of Lessor and Lessee
  3. Determination of lease
  4. Easement: Concept, Essential, Types | Explained
  5. Difference between Lease and License

Module 6: Gift

  1. Concept and Kinds of Gift
  2. Universal Donee | Section 128
  3. Exchange Explained As Under Transfer Of Property Act, 1882

Other Articles:

  1. Doctrine of Subrogation under the Transfer of Property Act, 1882
  2. Status of an Unborn Child in the Indian Legal System
  3. Immovable property – concept and definition
  4. Transfer of Property – Meaning and Types
  5. Restraints on Transfer – Section 10
  6. Right of Redemption
  7. Concept of Exchange under Transfer of Property Act: An Eternal Practice from the Ancient Times to Modern Society
  8. 8 Important Cases of Property Law

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