NMIMS ERISTICA 2020: Online National Debate Competition

By | May 30, 2020

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Debate Committee of School of Law, NMIMS Navi Mumbai, invite you to be a part of the first edition of  NMIMS ERISTICA 2020, an Online National Level Debate Competition on the motion ‘Is popular support enough to justify a social norm’ on the 13th and 14th of June, 2020.

NMIMS ERISTICA 2020: Online National Debate Competition

This is a great opportunity for all the students to enhance and advance their skills like communication, critical thinking, and research. All these skills are essential in today’s competitive times and this competition will provide you the perfect platform to learn and grow.

“Diversity and independence are important because the best collective decisions are the product of disagreement and contest, not consensus or compromise.” – James Surowiecki

Topic – Debate Competition | NMIMS Mumbai

“Is Popular Support Enough To Justify A Social Norm?”

One of the salient features of the law is the fact that it is dynamic and adapts to its society. The Indian Constitution is rightly called a living document owing to the fact that it recognises the purpose of the law to lie within the cognition and applicability by the ever-evolving contemporary times. The Indian Constitution provides its citizens the Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression and at the same time, provides the Right to Dissent.

The distinction between the two and the usage of the two play a vital role in law-making, for our country is based on the principles of Liberty and Fraternity. The twenty-first century has brought about an exponential boom with the internet. Due to the advent of media, particularly social media, speedy awareness of various issues has drastically increased. This, coupled with the increase in literacy, has led to diversity in definitive opinion.

This opinion, when in near or perfect consensus with the population can prove to be problematic due to the increase in mob psychology. On the contrary, it provides the perfect foundation for a Democratic society. It is paramount for today’s generation to discuss and deliberate if, truly, popular opinion should solely attest to be the standard of proof for the legitimacy of a law or a social norm. This ultimately poses the question ‘Is popular support enough to justify a social norm’.


  1. The competition is open to all the students pursuing an undergraduate course in any registered University. Each team consists of one participant. Each college may nominate three teams.
  2. The teams will be registered on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Registration fee: 299 INR.

Click here to register

Last date of registration: 8th June 2020


The winner will receive a cash prize of INR 3000/- and the runner-up will receive a prize of INR 2000/- Further, each participant will receive E-certificates for their valuable participation.


  1. The competition will be conducted in Lincoln-Douglas debate format ( ONE on ONE debate)and every contestant will be required to prepare FOR and AGAINST for the topic “IS POPULAR SUPPORT ENOUGH TO JUSTIFY A SOCIAL NORM?”.
  2. Each candidate will be allowed 3 minutes to talk about the topic and 1 minute will be allotted for rebuttal. Which gives them a total of 3+ 1= 4minutes (Per speaker time)
  3. Three (3) participants will be allowed from each college. Each participant will be considered to be one team.
  4. The Competition will be conducted ONLINE through the ZOOM Application. Details and information concerning every round will be shared through email & Whatsapp by the committee with the participants 20 minutes before every round.

Click here to download Rule book of the Competition

Contact – NMIMS ERISTICA 2020

Email: [email protected]

  1. Pratima Barde: +91-70458 66346
  2. Bhavya Godawat: +91-94133 74455
  3. Nivruthi Pasupunuri: +91-97040 7039
  4. Avantika Singh: +91-93508 41638

Submitted by: Organising Committee, NMIMS Eristica 2020

School of Law, NMIMS Mumbai

  1. Study Constitutional Law
  2. Anti-Defection: The Law, The Debate, The Criticism, The Suggestions
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