Women and Child rights play a significant role in the development of human rights.

Women and Child rights play a significant role in the development of human rights. Sustainable human development means expanding people's choices and creating the conditions for equality so that they may realize their full potential. This goal cannot be achieved if all human rights — economic, social, cultural, civil, and political — are not promoted, preserved, and defended.

Our 3-part course tries to cover this vast topic of law with the utmost potential and extensive syllabus that is necessary. The first two modules take a look at several issues concerning gender inequality. From workplace harassment to surrogacy laws, you will find all the relevant notes, articles, and cases here. The third module covers the organisational framework present in India to safeguard women and child rights.

Click on the links below to read a detailed analysis on each topic.

Women and Child Rights

Module I

  1. Landmark Judgements On Gender Equality: The Practical Reality
  2. Case Analysis: Nabal Thakur v. State, (2023)

  3. Cyber Sexual Harassment Laws in India (Overview)
  4. Workplace Harassment: Everything you need to know to avoid it; by Malini Chaudhri
  5. Curbing Crimes of Sexual Harassment: Towards a Greater Rationality
  6. Rights of Women under Hindu Law
  7. Dowry A Wilful Gift A Forceful Forfeit
  8. Domestic Violence and its Repercussions on Families

  9. Is there any impact of education in solving dowry issues?

Module II

  1. Offences Related to Marriage | Explained
  2. Female Infanticide: Eternal Dethronement of Infant Queens from the Kingdom of Earth
  3. Honour: An Abstract Weapon
  4. Wo-Man-Handling: A determined prefix to foster Progress
  5. Rising and Soaring: Women's Emancipation from the Repression Quagmire
  6. Patriarchy: Seeking for a 'License' to Co-Exist
  7. Surrogacy Law in India | Comprehensive Analysis
  8. Daughters of Destiny – An Indian Perspective

Module III

  1. Current Concerns Regarding Women: Health and Legal Implications

  2. The Future is Female: Why do Women's Reproductive Rights Matter

  3. The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961: Decoded
  4. Rights of a Wife in India | #Must Know
    1. An Overview of Women in Judiciary
      1. Laws related to Working Women
        1. Legal System and Elimination of Child Labour
        2. National Commission For Women
        3. National Commission For Protection Of Child Rights (NCPCR)
        4. Important Provisions in IPC with regard to Women and Children
        5. Constitutional Protection of Women and Children in India
        6. A Womb is her Right
        7. Indian Laws on Women's Safety in Night Shifts
        8. Child Custody Laws
          1. The Sine qua non of Paternity Benefit Laws in India
          2. Women's Access to Justice in India

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