Human Rights – Notes, Case Laws and Study Material

By | August 12, 2018
Human Rights

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Human rights form the basis of interpersonal relationships, the nature of humanity and the position of individuals as members of communities. Arguably, all people of the world do not assent to the same basic values and beliefs, but what is certain is that every society is concerned with similar notions of social justice as well as the relationship between the individual and his/her political authorities.

Sound knowledge of humans rights is needed to understand and interpret even the most rudimentary laws.

Keeping this in mind, Legal Bites has created a well-rounded study material to help you grasp the fundamental concepts of human rights. From the absolute basics to international human rights treaties and case laws, readers will find the best resources in the three modules of this course.

Important articles and study material on Human Rights – Click on the links to Read:

Module I

  1. Meaning and Concept of Human Rights
  2. Human Rights in India: History and Development
  3. 20 Landmark Cases on Human Rights
  4. United Nations Charter: History, Objective & Important Provisions
  5. United Nations Human Rights Council; Overview and Function
  6. Generations of Human Rights: Explained

Module II

  1. Vulnerable Groups And Human Rights
  2. Important International Conferences on Human Rights
  3. Regional Conventions on Human Rights
  4. International Law On Human Rights
  5. Human Rights Commissions in India

Module III

  1. The Human Rights of Under Trial Prisoners in India
  2. Protection of rights of victims in the Criminal Justice System
  3. Protection of Witnesses: A Need of the Hour
  4. Code of Conduct for Police in India (National Police Commission 1977)

Module IV

  1. Universalism and Cultural Relativism: Understanding the clash of human rights ideas | Deepshikha
  2. International Laws on Espionage & the Case of Kulbhushan Jhadav
  3. Iraq Under Saddam Hussein and His Flawed Trial
  4. Custodial Death and Abuse of Power, A Human Right Violation: Indian And International Perspective

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