Human Rights

By | August 12, 2018
Human Rights - Notes And Study Material

All societies have grappled with human rights issues. Philosophers of every race and creed have for centuries been concerned with the nature of humanity, interpersonal relationships, and the position of individuals as members of groups. The concept did not originate from any particular part of the world. Arguably, all peoples of the world do not assent to the same basic values and beliefs, but what is certain is that every society has been conc.erned with the notion of social justice, the relationship between the individual and his/her political authorities.

Important articles and study material on Human Rights – Click on the link to Read

  1. Vulnerable Groups And Human Rights
  2. Important International Conferences on Human Rights
  3. Regional Conventions on Human Rights
  4. International Law On Human Rights
  5. Human Rights Commissions in India

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