Legal Aptitude for CLAT: Notes, Tips & Study Material

By | February 13, 2021
Legal Aptitude for CLAT Notes, Tips, Test Series

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Legal aptitude part of the CLAT analyses the legal knowledge of the candidate to the highest level. A candidate in order to score a good rank/score needs to understand the significance of legal aptitude and why it is so important for CLAT. It is not difficult to crack the exam on the first attempt. The Legal Reasoning section has a weightage of nearly 25% of CLAT Paper.

Get a complete understanding of what to study in this Section in a limited period of time to get an outstanding score on this section with this Module designed by Legal Bites Academy.

Legal Aptitude for CLAT: Important articles and study material – Click on the links to Read

Module I

  1. In a nutshell: How to Ace Legal Aptitude for CLAT
  2. Practice MCQs
  3. CLAT UG Legal Reasoning: Preparation Strategies and Exam Format
  4. Sample Questions on Legal Reasoning
  5. How to approach Legal Reasoning questions for CLAT UG Entrance
  6. MIT Legal Current Affairs for CLAT | 200+ Most Important Topics

Module II

  1. Indian Constituent Assembly: Features and its Committees
  2. Main Sources of the Indian Constitution
  3. Introduction to the Constitution of India, 1950
  4. Important amendments in the Constitution of India
  5. Schedules in the Indian Constitution | Explained
  6. Order of Precedence of the Government of India

Module III

  1. Writ of Certiorari: History, Scope, Evolution, and Landmark Judgements
  2. Writ of Habeas Corpus: History, Scope, and Landmark Judgements
  3. Writ of Mandamus: History, Scope and Evolution, and Landmark Judgements
  4. Writ of Prohibition: History, Scope and Evolution, and Landmark Judgements
  5. Writ of Quo Warranto: History, Scope, Evolution, and Landmark Judgements

Module IV

  1. 100 Important Statutes You Must Know Part-I
  2. 100 Important Statutes You Must Know Part-II
  3. 100 Important Statutes You Must Know Part-III
  4. Important National Commissions You Must Know
  5. Important Committees you must Know Part I
  6. Important Ad Hoc Commissions you must Know

Module V

  1. 2000 Important Legal Terms you must Know Part-I
  2. 2000 Important Legal Terms you must Know Part-II
  3. Top 25 Legal Maxims You Must Know
  4. A-Z Comprehensive List of Important Legal Maxims
  5. Important Doctrines/Principles under Contract Law
  6. Important Doctrines/Principles under Constitutional Law
  7. Important Doctrines/Principles under CrPC
  8. Important Doctrines/Principles under Family Law
  9. Important Doctrines/Principles under Law of Torts
  10. Important Doctrines/Principles under Law of Evidence
  11. Important Doctrines/Principles under IPC

Module VI

  1. United Nations: Introduction, Background and Highlights
  2. Principal Organs of the United Nations
  3. Major International Conventions
  4. Important UN Programmes and Funds

Module VII

  1. Black Money in India – Introduction, Nature and Important Factors
  2. Contempt of Court – History and Significance
  3. Critical Professional Ethics: The Seven Lamps of Advocacy
  4. Daughter’s Right to Property: Explained with Case Laws
  5. Fast-track Courts in India | Explained
  6. Legal Process Outsourcing | Explained
  7. Hung Parliament – Concept, History and Implication
  8. Sealed Cover Jurisprudence: Meaning, Explanation And Challenges
  9. The Legality of Sting Operation: Critical Analysis
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