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Jurisprudence - Notes and study material

There is no universal or uniform definition of Jurisprudence since people have different ideologies and notions throughout the world. It is a very vast subject. When an author talks about political conditions of his society, it reflects that condition of law prevailing at that time in that particular society. It is believed that the Romans were the first who started to study what is law.

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Unit 1: Introduction and Sources of Law

Unit 2: Schools of Jurisprudence

Unit 3: Ownership, Possession and Property

Unit 4: Concept of Rights and Duties

Unit 5: Constitutionalism


    1. Schools of Jurisprudence
    2. Renaissance Period of Natural Law
    3. Analytical School
    4. Historical School
    5. Sociological School
    6. Nature, Purpose and Functions of Law
    7. Kinds of Law
    8. Theories Of Juristic Personality
    9. Concept Of State And Sovereignty
    10. Concept Of Legal Rights
    11. Rights and Duties in Jurisprudence
    12. Concept of Justice
    13. Administration Of Justice
    14. Precedent
    15. Obiter Dicta
    16. Ratio Decidendi
    17. Legislation and its Types
    18. Laws of Property Under Jurisprudence
    19. Possession
    20. Ownership

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