Law Of Torts

By | August 14, 2018
Law of Torts -Notes

A tort is a civil wrong. This is basically a breach of a duty imposed by law, which gives rise to a civil right of action for a remedy not exclusive to any other area of law. Law of torts came to India through England. In 1065 England was conquered by Normans, who were theFrench-speaking people of Normandy, a region of France.

After the Norman Conquest, French become the spoken language in the courts in England, and thus many technical terms in English Law owe their origin to French and tort is one of them. The word tort is based on the idea that everyone in the society is having certain rights. The purpose of this law of tort law to enforce the rights and duties.

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  1. Introduction to Law of Torts
  2. Damnum Sine Injuria and Injuria Sine Damnum
  3. Assault, Battery and Mayhem – Trespass to the Person
  4. General Defences – Defence Against Tortious Liability
  5. Nuisance as a Tort
  6. Vicarious Liability – Concept, Origin and Relations governed by it
  7. Vicarious Liability of States
  8. Rules of Strict and Absolute liability
  9. Absolute Liability: A journey from Strict Liability
  10. Negligence – Definition, Essentials and Contributory Negligence
  11. Contributory and Composite Negligence
  12. Medical and Professional Negligence
  13. Remoteness of Damages
  14. Malicious Prosecution
  15. Defamation law and Judicial Intervention
  16. Remedies in Torts
  17. Important Maxims In Law Of Torts

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