Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 – Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

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Criminal Procedure

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The Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPc) is a procedural law that came into force on April 1, 1974. The Criminal Procedure Law has been designed to create legal machinery for the detection of crime, apprehension of suspected criminals, collection of evidence, determination of the guilt or innocence of a suspect, and imposing suitable punishment on the guilty person. It is important to note that this procedural law is not wholly procedural or adjective in nature.

The following study material will help students get a comprehensive understanding of the Criminal Procedure Law and its provisions. It consists of 13 Modules which take an in-depth look at the Code of Criminal Procedure.

To help students master the nuances of the law, additional resources have been provided towards the end of the modules. Well-researched articles, as well as an 11-part series of important questions on CrPC based on the syllabus of Judicial Services Exam and leading universities, will help equip students to tackle difficult questions in competitive exams.

Important articles and study material on the Criminal Procedure Code – Click on the link to Read

Module 1: Introduction and Functionaries Under the Code

Important Books and Practice Tests (Must Have)

  1. R.V. Kelkar’s Criminal Procedure
  2. The Code Of Criminal Procedure 1973 Bare Act As Amended By The Jammu And Kashmir Reorganisation Act With State Amendments Along With Supreme Court Guideline, Landmark Judgments, Important Tips, Legal Maxims, Words And Phrases-Legally Defined
  3. 1000+ MCQ Test Series

Module  2: Arrest, Search And Seizure

Module 3: Preventive Measures and Security Proceedings

Module 4: Maintenance of Wives, Children And Parents

Module 5: Investigation

 Module 6: Jurisdiction of Criminal Courts

Module 7: Complaints to Magistrates

 Module 8: Charge And Trial

Module 9: Plea Bargaining

Module 10: Bail and Anticipatory Bail

Module 11: Judgment and Appeal

Module 12: Reference, Revision and Transfer

Module 13: Miscellaneous (Certain Most Important Topics In Practice)

Important Mains/Long Questions for Judiciary, APO & University Exams

  1. CRPC Mains Questions Series Part I: Important Questions
  2. CRPC Mains Questions Series Part II: Important Questions
  3. CRPC Mains Questions Series Part III: Important Questions
  4. CRPC Mains Questions Series Part IV: Important Questions
  5. CRPC Mains Questions Series Part V: Important Questions
  6. CRPC Mains Questions Series Part VI: Important Questions
  7. CRPC Mains Questions Series Part VII: Important Questions
  8. CRPC Mains Questions Series Part VIII: Important Questions
  9. CRPC Mains Questions Series Part IX: Important Questions
  10. CRPC Mains Questions Series Part X: Important Questions
  11. CRPC Mains Questions Series Part XI: Important Questions

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