Current Affairs including General Knowledge for CLAT: Notes, Tips and Test Series

By | March 2, 2021
Current Affairs including General Knowledge

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The Current Affairs section has a weightage of nearly 25% of CLAT Paper. This is the least time-consuming section of the paper as the questions are factual-based and direct. This is a “no brainer” part of the paper where the aspirant will either know the answer or not know the answer. Scoring decent marks in this section will help the aspirant get a few marks extra provided the candidate is sure about the answer.  In this section, you will be provided passages of up to 450 words each.

The passages will be derived from news, journalistic sources, and other non-fiction writing. The questions may include an examination of legal information or knowledge discussed in or related to the passage, but would not require any additional knowledge of the law beyond the passage.

Each passage will be followed by a series of questions that will require you to demonstrate your awareness of various aspects of current affairs and general knowledge, including:

  1. Contemporary events of significance from India and the world;
  2. Arts and culture;
  3. International affairs; and
  4. Historical events of continuing significance.

Get a complete understanding of what to study in this Section in a limited period of time to get an outstanding score on this section with this Module designed by Legal Bites Academy.

Current Affairs including General Knowledge for CLAT: Notes, Tips and Test Series

Module: 1

  1. Preparation Strategies and Exam Format
  2. How to approach Questions
  3. Sample Questions
  4. Current Affairs Test Series

Module: 2

  1. Chief Justice of India (1950-Present)
  2. Prime Ministers of India; All you Need to Know
  3. Presidents and Vice-Presidents of India
  4. High Courts of India; Overview

Module: 3

  1. Indian Nobel Prize Winners; All You Need to Know
  2. List of Important Days of National Importance
  3. States and Union Territories of India
  4. List of Chief Minister And Governors
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